My upgraded 995 Classic

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  1. Just finished with the updating of my 995 classic. :D Now I am just waiting for my new trigger to come in the mail and I think I'm finished. I may spray the receiver cover with a flat black, but I'm not sure yet. Tell me what you think of my project; good, bad or indifferent!

    p.s. This started out as just a plinker when I first got it, but it quickly became my SHTF weapon of choice. I have a Yugo SKS and an M44, but I have restored them back to original, so this is my "go to" gun for protecting my home and family.

    HP 995
    Upgraded to TS stock
    HP folding fore-grip
    Bushman parts charging handle
    Sight Mark holographic reflex sight with secondary laser
    FM picatinny mount adjustable folding bipod
    Command Arms 3 point tactical sling

  2. dahed

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    I'm salivating! Is that a Sightmark scope? ...what kind of bipod...let's see how she shoots!

  3. Whether it's a plinker or a SHTF weapon it is beautiful. The new stock really added to it's usefulness in my opinion allowing for scoping and accessories galore. I might look into purchasing the new TS stock to upgrade my existing as well.

    She is beautiful. :cry2:
  4. Dahed- yes it is a Sight Mark holographic reflex w/ laser mounted on the side. The bipod is from Famous Maker. I picked it up from the clearance rack at my local gun shop. It will be a week or so before I can get to the range. I'll post pics after.
  5. If you are contemplating the new stock...just do it! :devilsidesmile: Best $40 I have spent in a while. I had an ATI on it, which was better than the original stock, but it just wasn't right for me. This one feels natural to me, especially with the fore-grip. Very easy to control and obtain a sight picture. Not to mention all of the rails...tacti-cool! 8)
  6. Does the foregrip come with the $40 aftermarket retrofit?
  7. Walt4595

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    Really looks great. Definitely a very nice 995 to 995TS upgrade. Really like the choice of bipod too. Is there any substantial flex of the front lower rail when the bipod is mounted and deployed?

  8. No, the foregrip is $25 extra. :(
  9. sniper11

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    1 word.....SWEEEEEET!!

  10. Walt- There was a little flex side to side before I reinstalled the front sight, but the front sight locks the front rail in place pretty tight. I get a little flex in the bipod legs if I extend them to the full 10" (they are spring loaded), but at 8-9" they are rock solid. I got my new upgraded trigger in the mail today and installed it (with a little help from this forum :embarrassed2:). WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! For those of you with the classic 995 trigger, I highly recommend the upgrade. Call tech support and they will send you one free of charge. :D
  11. mikeak

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    Are you serious,they will give you a free trigger upgrade?From what I've heard the HP people are amazing.Can you post a link as to where you got the stock. I was thinking about putting a vertical grip on mine,I was just looking at how to mount one.
    Thanks Mike
  12. Walt4595

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    Thanks for the info on the bipod.

    Could not agree with you more on the new trigger. First and best thing I noticed when I got my 995TS-FG from Cabela's.

    I really like Hi-Point's folding Grip too. Especially since the Disassembly tool for the receiver cover is in the base. Again another very cool Hi-Point Idea.

  13. mikeak

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    Thanks for the link. This makes it really simple.I think a new stock is coming this way.
    Thanks again
  14. PA-Plinker

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    Very Nice!!

    I just bought a 995, with the ATI stock. Do you think the 3 point sling on yours would work with my stock? I don't really trust the small sling mounts that are on it now, the small screw in posts.

    I am a newbee, I appreciate any suggestions.
  15. I've only held / fired my classics, but I've been told that, without a vertical grip, the forestock on newer model stocks is too short to comfortably hold for firing.
    Any comments on that, guys?
  16. PA-Plinker- the posts on the ATI will work fine but you'll need 1 1/2" sling mounts attached to the posts in your stock. I don't know how the functionality will change with the sling mounted to the bottom of the weapon, though. If you do a google search, you can find some that just wrap around the fore-end and butt of the rifle.
  17. I would disagree with the length being too short. While standard rifles tend to have longer forestocks because of the weight of the barrel, carbines have most of their weight toward the center/back, so tactical hand position tends to be closer to the body. If anything, the rail on the bottom of the foregrip may be a little uncomfortable during extended shooting.