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  1. Hey guys.

    So it's been about 4 years since I've been on. Lots has happened, I ended up selling my Hi Point .40JHP and 4095TS combo kinda out of the blue one day. A guy offered me $850 for the pair and.....of course I ran with it :D It's been years and guns have come and gone but I've always wanted another Hi Point Carbine & Pistol combo.

    Well looks like through bad luck I'm FINALLY getting another.

    See, around my house tax time is known as "daddys christmas" LOL. I get $1500 for new guns, normally a pistol and a long gun. This year I went for the Springfield XDs 4.0 in 9mm and the Just Right Carbine in .40S&W. The XDs was going to be my new EDC gun and the Just Right Carbine would partner with my Duty Weapon the Glock 22C.

    Yep, that didn't work as planned... like at #&[email protected] all. Huge failure.

    The Just Right Carbine never even got out of the shop. I ordered these guns from buds gun shop and when I went to pick them up the carbine was jammed up. The bolt, trigger, and safety would not move at all. So we called up buds and they said they'd take it back and send another, It'd take about a week.

    Well the XDs was fine so I took it and left. 2 days later I'm testing my XDs and about half way through the 5th magazine a bad way. It had a friggen out of battery discharge caused by the "loaded chamber indicator" getting caught up on the rear of the shell. This blew the rear of the shell casing completely off and on it's way out it bent both the "loaded chamber indicator" and the extractor. No worries though, called Springfield, they sent a shipping label and said 2-4 weeks it'd be fixed for free.
    &$Y^ing damn.

    So the week goes buy and my 2nd Just Right Carbine (bull$*%) comes in. I go to pick it up and at first it's fine, looks alright, moves well, does all its supposed to, dry fire, click, .....stuck.....wait it's stuck again. Again nothing will move, the action is completely jammed up. :mad: I call buds gun shop and get alot of apologies and a full refund plus 20% off my next purchase (not happening).
    OH F(&$(%&ing damn, grrrr, (*$(&% these (*$(%&(@#) with a (%$$ pig.

    Well as you can guess that was upsetting but I had $750 open in my budget and no long gun. back to square one.

    After looking at my collection and too much arguing with myself. I've decided to take my $750 and get Hi Point 4595TS Carbine....and a Ruger American in 30-06.

    For the Carbine I want to set up a bit differently from my last one. Here's what I'm thinking....

    Remove the little under barrel rail
    Aluminum full length top rail
    Bushnell TRS25 reddot
    Angled foregrip
    200+ lumen light with quick detach
    1911 magazine catch

    These thoughts brought up some questions and well I knew this wealth of knowledge was the place to find the answers. So will doing any of these modifications void my warranty? whats the best full length top rail? ideas on angled foregrips? and general conversation? LOL
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    Welcome back!.... Apparently "just right" must be a hell of a misnomer now!.... None of the stuff your doing will void the warranty, but they'll take off any non-HP accessories if you send it in for repairs...
    Hard to beat buying two guns for the price you had one at...
    Hopefully you've burned your allotment of bad juju for a while.

  3. Well it isnt all bad lately... I think.

    Back in November I went to the gun show to trade off my old shotgun that I wore out for something new. Well that and $100 got me a damn good looking used Mossberg 590A1 (marked for $300). It had a 20in barrel and a factory 9+1 shell capacity... but that sexy looking gun had failure to extract problems out the nose. No matter what I did I could not get it to work right and being a used gun, no warranty.

    However I knew the gun was still valuable so I decided I'll sell it at the next gun show but in the mean time I bought an MKA 1919 magazine fed 12ga for $400 to fill my shotgun needs.

    OH BOY does it ever fill those needs. GREAT GUN!!!

    The next gun show swings around and I go wanting a few hundred out of the Mossberg but I'll be damned I couldn't find anyone to give it to me. All the offers were too low.... and then karma came along, LOL.

    I went to the booth of the same major gun store that I bought the blasted thing from. They had a table full of Smith & Wesson Model 15 Combat Masterpiece .38spl for $300 each. These were all law enforcement trade in guns with holster wear and ratty grips but they were mechanically sound, no cylinder slack, good looking rifling, hammers, and firing pins.

    (with the wifes concent) I offered my Mossberg for one, straight up trade, and they took it.

    I couldn't be happier. That revolver is wonderful, soo accurate, and such a smooth shooter. Shortly after getting it I went to see my Father who is a BIG fan of S&W wheel guns, he gave it a good full once over, took it fully apart, cleaned it inside and out, found out it's a Model 15-3 from the early 1980's, and he even put a nice set of Pachmayr grips on it for me. He's a hell of guy.

    All in all, that run of bad luck gave me 2 great guns and I think this newest run will also. I know first hand that Hi Point Firearms are dependable so no doubts for me about the 4595TS Carbine. I also have a good feeling on the Ruger American rifle as well. It's got great reviews, a good design, and lets face it. It's a bolt action rifle, kinda hard to screw up, LOL.
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    I've got a Ruger American.308, I like it a lot
  5. What scope are you running on yours?
  6. Bull

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    I picked up a simmons .44 mag 3x12 for around 70$.... Haven't tried it out yet, but seems pretty clear.
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    Welcome back. I have both the 4595 and the American in 06. I put a Cabelas 4x12 on it as I had a coupon for it. Shoots great with 150 gr. SP's.
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    haven't shot slugs yet, but i have one of those mka 1919s, too. Just shot a box of 7.5 shot one day(when loading and shooting 1 round at a time, it's VERY time consuming)
  9. Yeah, The MKA1919 likes the high brass. mines loves slugs and 00 buck, although #4 buck works very well too. From everything I hear these guns have a 250-400 round brake in period. After which they will cycle lower/cheaper shells better, but if your still having trouble they make a lighter recoil spring for shooting low brass.
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    I took a beginner's shotgun class and took the 1919 with me. I didn't know we were gonna go outside(it was like 25 degrees outside at the time) to their trap range. I was hoping to use their indoor range so I could sight the gun in.
    Since the rules state you can only load 1 round at a time on that range, the loading process sucked for me. Might have went faster if I had had my 2nd mag with me, but chose to only bring the 1 to the line.
    Not only that, but the mag didn't feed properly everytime I pulled the bolt back; I had to eject the mag to check and see if the shell loaded or not; if not, put the mag back in and try again. I managed to hit maybe 4 or 5 out of 25 clays; the stock AR post sights are NOT fit for clay shooting, especially since I had never even fired the gun before that class, and didn't know where to hold.
  11. Yep the first thing I did was lose that carry handle and front sight post. I tried a Sightmark Ultra Shot reflex sight on it with the thought "it's a shotgun, I dont need dead zero accuracy so this will work". LMAO it's got too much recoil and it turned the optic off every other round. So I ended up slapping on my Bushnell TRS25 and it works just fine.

    Next outting I'm gonna see about accuracy with slugs.

    Ya know you should check out Tooth and Nail armory or Salem6. They are pretty much the best when it comes to accessories and upgrades for the MKA 1919. I know I have BIG plans for mine, new lower, recoil absorbing stock, soft grip, metal forend with left side charging handle, and I really want some of those 10 magazine conversion kits.
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    Welcome back OfficerFredrick....

  13. bscar

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    I took it to Norton's in Waldo after my handle fell off during the class and got a red dot sight for it.
    My "ZOMGWTFBBQ" setup would be a saiga mag conversion for the 20 round drum and a slide fire stock
  14. Slide fire stock, hmm I hadn't thought of applying that one to this design.

    I was looking at the Fab Defense GL-Shock stock, it's got a nifty design to it. They spring loaded the point where the stock locks into one of the 6 buffer tube channels. Allowing the stock to slide back and forth and absorb felt recoil. They designed this for the AR-10/.308 and full auto AR-15 but I thought it would be perfectly for a 12ga, especially since these MKA's kick like a drunken mule.

    As for the drum, I did find 2 such cases where Saiga drums were converted to MKA but man does that seem like a lot of work, lol. I mean the drum is cool and all but with the MKA's design being so similar to the AR and mag changes being soo easy (especially compared to the Saiga) I don't really see the need. You can just use 2-10rd mags clamped together and get the same amount of payload going down range.

    Oh and the ZOMBIE GUN part, well I've always wanted to mount an M203 40mm launcher under an auto 12ga. Kinda like the baddest Masterkey ever made but thats just too expensive.... so I started looking at the Spikes Havoc 37mm :D realistic they're only $300 and I'm kinda hoping the weight it adds under the barrel will help reduce muzzle rise, but thats next tax season. :cool:
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    Don't you need a NFA or some crap to add another weapon to a gun? Asking cause I don't remember. Would live to add a launcher to my M4
  16. lklawson

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    It depends on what you add. If you add something that can shoot shotgun shells you have created an SBS. If you add something that can shoot centerfire or rimfire then it becomes an SBR. However if its just a flare and that's it I think that it's okay.

    I remember looking these things up when that wonky funky looking 22 came out and they have a attachment for under your AR.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  17. For an 40mm yes, thats considered a D&D. However the 37mm launchers are exempt from it because they are not an "anti personal" weapon. If you are going to use it as anti personal you have to register it.

    That sounds lame but the variety of shells isn't really that limited. Smoke, flares, tear gas, OC (pepper spray), fireworks (mortar type), and anti barricade ( will go thru an interior door, pane of glass, non insulated drywall, plywood, ect) are all legal to own 37mm shells because they are not designed to shoot at people but near them LOL.
  18. moona11

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    That's when I looked it up. Those funny looking 22's that take 10/22 mags. Didn't think the gun was worth the stamp.
  19. Nope, not worth it for a 22. Although when these hit the market I might drop the $200 for a tax stamp....
  20. lklawson

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    You and me both, my friend.

    For the life of me, I can't figure out why on earth anyone would want to strap a .22LR pistol under their AR anyway. It's not as if it'd ever be accurate when affixed down there. And a .22LR isn't exactly what anyone would chose as even a 4th choice (let alone 1rst choice) for suppressing fire. Apparently the only goal is to make a loud noise and puffs of dirt somewhere downrange. I just don't get it. <shrug>

    Peace favor your sword,