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My Week

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Just wanted to rub it in. Off Wed-Mon, Dove Hunting every day, naps, beer, VW's done at the shop, ahhh life will be good for awhile starting tomorrow!!!
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and just think, my JOB involves playing video games, tinkering with and repairing electronics, repairing and testing dart boards and pool tables (gotta play em after you fix em you know), and screwing around on teh computer when i want?

that's a permanent vacation! This is my first time off in over 3 years and it is just 6 days including the weekend! I didn't bird hunt last year, got burnt out, but i can't wait to have some smoked dove pate and my famous jalepeno stuffed, bacon wrapped, bbq dove breast this weekend. gotta clean the browning tonite. you only can hunt from dawn until noon. crap by noon yesterday it was 114! my buddy about 5 miles down has a small farm/silo storage that i go to. no other hunters, doves and pigeons fly in, shoot um down and you are out with 10 by 0800, ususally. they did not plant any silage this year so i hope it is good. i did not get drawn for any big game this year..again. i plan to coyote hunt again this year when it cools off, love shooting thoes yodel dogs! just keep their tails cause they are not like the dogs back east, these are thin, mangy, desert yotes. last winter when we were tooling around the desert in the dune buggy, wife and i spotted 2 mountain lions at a watering hole. may have to get an across the counter tag for them too when i go out. i'm fininshing up the mosin sporter and i may give it a try on them, otherwise i'm picking up a savage .243 combo for $300 next payday.
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