My wife and a few toys

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  1. Kelotravolski

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    AH finger on the trigger! 2nd picture.

    She looks scared of the gun in that one too.

    But with a girl and some guns I would say your manness is complete.

  2. Very nice collection now get her out there to shoot them!!!!
  3. BUGGER HOOK OFF THE BANG SWITCH! LOL, ohwell, good pics though, you gonna take her shooting with you, or are these just modeling shots.
  4. Got to love the NRA t-shirt as well.. Great pics krippp, thanks for sharing.
  5. Beautiful wife, beautiful guns, your life is complete :).
  6. You are a luck fellow, Krippp!
  7. elguapo

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    Not meaning anything rude, but you could post those in the "Chick Pic" thread, and would add some class to that thread.
    My three cents ;)
  8. Now you have me thinking about marriage, great... lol. Hard enough to find a girl who likes guns, where on earth can I find one worth marrying who likes them?!!?
  9. Krippp

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    first of all thanks for all the nice comments, yes, we know about the trigger finger but i assure you it was tripled checked for safety. and by the way, she goes with me on every trip to the range. we are also both nra members. trust me she isn't scared of anything that goes BOOM
  10. Well done! And thanks for sharing with us.
  11. hipoint.nut

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    I know of a good Bar that sales guns. That should be a good place.
  12. Haha oh boy. That'd give quite a few bleeding heart liberals heart attacks back home. Guns + alcohol? Lord knows we aren't responsible enough to keep the two seperated lol. Wish I could find a place like that around here... and sorry for the unintentional hijack :).
  13. much easier to find a good gun than a good wife, so you are a lucky man
  14. Fenix

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    Requires 3 lambs and the blood of a virgin to find :p
  15. 4095, I feel your pain my friend. I can seldomly get my current wife to the range, and she puts up with my habits, and goes to the range when it suits her... But to have an NRA card carryin' member for a wife who goes to the range every time?! OMG!!!!

    Krippp, does your wife have a sister? 4095fanatic wants to know, obviously..... :wink:
  16. Krippp

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    sadly, she does not have a sister and has actually talked me into buying more weapons as she can't get enough of them. i swear to you that when we bought the shottie a couple of weeks ago she shot it and the first round was damn near orgasmic for her....should have seen the faces on all the other men at the was classic
  17. Only one thing to do: clone!
  18. Exactly! As much as I enjoy a scantily clad fem weilding a gun, this gal has more class and all the looks as any of those in the Chicks thread. Plus it is easy to tell this lady knows what to do with what she has her hands wrapped around. No offense meant when I say your wife is a beautiful lady made all the more sexy by her knowledge and love of guns. Luckily I too am blessed with a gal that willingly, and happily, shoots. I tell ya what, when you have a gal that can safely and effectively handle a weapon the safety factor in the house goes way up! How man BGs would suspect it is the "little lady" he has to keep his eye on? Piss momma off and you're on her list forever. Piss her off when she is armed and you name shows up in the obituaries!
  19. Krippp

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    my wife thanks you for that comment and thanks for noticing that she indeed does know how to handle these weapons.