My wife doesn't know I just bought it last week...

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  1. She said 'I haven't seen that one before.'
    'Oh, this thing? Nah, I've had it for a while.'

    Phew, dodged the bullet ( ;) ) yet again...




  2. Lucky you, mine found the online order form I had filled out to get 2 - 40 rd AK mags, BEFORE I placed the order. Guess who is in the dog house?

    Nice looking 45 by the way ;)

  3. I figured the 'action shot' might get a giggle
  4. That action shot is what I hope to never see in real life LOL
  5. One of the other 'action shot' I took you could actually see the bullet, but you couldn't see the sights and my eyes. It was pretty neat.
  6. The read eye from the flash makes it even freakier looking.
  7. Virgil says,
    It is always easier to seek forgiveness, vs permission.
  8. Nice pics and nice .45 but on another forum im on pics with finger on trigger are deleted as a safety thing since you never put your finger on trigger until you are ready to destroy something. Just a thought because we want to encourage gun safety
  9. Nice gun. good pics.
  10. I walked in with two new ones one night and got, where did thay come from? I said Hipoint sat them on the counter and thanked some friends for comming over for supper.
    Saved by the meal.
  11. 1motion

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    Virgil's words of wisdom +1
  12. bfox48

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    Well I know Know !

    You Better Darn well be taking me someplace nice tonight !


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    THAT is why I'm not married. I will never have a female tell me what I can nor cannot buy with MY money.
  14. Point taken about the finger-on-the-trigger. Lesson learned.
  15. biganimal

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    Hey did you see the MUZZLE on that guy?

    just kidding

    nice pics

    too bad you had to "slip it by" the finer half.

    mine has always understood that its an addiction

  16. Mine has too, but I really have taken it too far lately. I understand her righteous anger, it doesn't make it any easier to stop though
  17. hummelsander

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    Trust is a good thing. If there is none then you marriage is in danger. At least you didn't take your pics on satin pillows.

  18. Liar, liar pants on fire. :lol:

    It's easier to say I'm sorry than it is to ask permission.
  19. Mike_AZ

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    Just remember this when you ask her if she just bought a new dress and she replies, "What, this old thing?" :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    LOL, I have had this one for a long time. It works for me.