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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Chef Dennis, Oct 16, 2007.

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    These Pics were taken when I 1st tricked it out. i have since taken it aprt and i am going to paith the complete thing in several differnt shades and change the sights and holo with other pieces that will stay on it, instead of sharing what is shown here with my black rifle XCR. It is in pieces and waiting to be finished, i'll post those when it is done.



    Sorry that the 1 is so small, if I zoom in, it loses focus

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    I like that top rail. I may have to do something similar soon...
  3. Loooove that rail..... where did you get that ???
  4. NICE Im thinking about doing a stock on mine.
  5. i like the look of the rail alot, the flip up rear and front sights looks vary tactical as well and is that a EOtech sight??
  6. I'd like to know, too. :)
  7. Chef Dennis

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    Yeap that is a EOTech 512 Holo and the irons are a GGG dual app rear, flip up and a MI flip up front. I was swapping all 3 between the 995 and my Robinson XCR, but that is about to stop as i am getting something different for the 995, just not sure what yet.

    I got the rail from Evolution Gun Works,

    ( )

    It is a Blank picatinny rail with NO holes in it so you can drill, countersink and mount it where ever it works for you. The installation is not hard at all. it is just time consuming with alot of assembly and dis assembly to get fit and measurements, but as you can see well worth the effort, and it does work great and is VERY stable and holds zero for the sights with no problem.

    Oh and the ATI Stock came from BENNY!! :p
  8. Nice setup. Man looking at these pimped 995's gives me so many ideas for mine.

  9. would you mind geting the length of the top rail??
  10. It always tickles me to see an EOtech on a budget gun :)

    I'd love one for my Bubtical SKS, but the thing would cost more than I have in the rifle and it's Asian brother!
  11. Chef Dennis

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    The rail is BARE stock with no holes in it. The one pictured on the website is not the 1 you want as It has holes in it. The one you want it 16" long, no holes just plain picatinny rail stock. Call them to order it. The cost is somewhere in the $39 area.

    And I laugh myself at the EOTech on it also, but to be honest the 2 iron sights cost more then the whole gun also!! But hey, as I said i was swapping them between my XCR and the 995, now I have another set of irons (still cost more then the gun and haven't made up my mind on a scope yet, but it will be a holo, no matter what,i love those things! :D
  12. Oh I love them too, I just can't afford the *******s!
  13. Hey Chef, how does your XCR feel when your 995 borrows it's goodies?
  14. Chef Dennis

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    LOL, Like a Redheaded Step child!! It doesn't share well with others!! :p
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    nice lookin rifle