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My Yodel Dog gun

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I shoot yotes with a Mossberg 817, .17HMR It is a really great little rifle with the game point rounds and will dispatch them quickly. I had a Remington 597 in .17 a few years back and sold it, so a great deal came up on the Mossy. it has a free floated barrel and a plastic stock but it is really light in the front end for me. so i got to thinking, how can i make it heavier up front without messing with the barrel harmonics cause when i sighted it in i took out a penny at 100 yards, several times, sorry no pics to prove it but it happened in front of witnesses!!! anyway, the plastic stock up front is compartmentalized like the 995 stock, so i drilled a hole for my harris bipod and screwed in a sling swivel, then filled the compartment up with epoxy. still not heavy enough. so there are 3 other compartments in the stock. i filled each half full with JB weld and then dumped enough brass BB's in the compartment to fill it to level. i would have used lead but i still cant find that sheet of it i have. anyway it added a few good ounces to the front and when it dries overnight, i'll take it out tomorrow and resight to see if it affected anything. just thought i'd post my ingenious idea!!!!
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Congratulations. Is that the one you had posted with the custom Camo Job? That looked really nice.

That's a great idea. Curious how it shoots after the mod. I have a Savage Stevens Centerfire I got for free that might benefit from the same mod.

Also, glad to hear you sold your 597 before the big debacle. Some of us were not so lucky.

rumors aboud of a class action lawsuit aginst remy on the 597 but nothing concrete yet. 6 guys at the gun club got burned on that one. one had over 1000$ into his and got 200$ back from remy.

I still got my 597. Didn't like the attitude of the service rep or her manager. Asked them to replace it with a 597 22WMR. The manager said no because my rifle is used. WTF Already bought my 17HMR replacement. So the 597 can sit in the safe gathering dust. I got plenty of time to wait for a possible CALS. And have no need of a Remington $250 coupon I'll never use.

Didn't get my 17 HMR for as good a price as Roadkill46's custom camo 817 17 HMR. But some people have all the luck. And the camo talent.

@ Roadkill46,

Do you offer stock painting Camo lessons for someone who has only done old pickups and blazers?

WOW, never heard of that crap...??? I won the gun in a Yuma Dove Hunters BBQ about 4 years ago. huh..always shot straight for me...what is the suit about? yes it is the same cammo job..i'll post pics tomorrow of the mod and the finished product. my camera is held together with duct tape due to my grandson!!
hell Walt it's easy, just stencil away with the weeds of your choice. practice on a scrap piece of wood or plastic, it aint rocket science...yet..? :devilsidesmile:
The 17 HMR 597's are unsafe and can go Kaboom. Never had a problem with mine. But I never rapid fired it.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm sure Leonardo da Vinci said the same thing to everyone else who had no artistic talent when he painted the Mona Lisa. :devilsidesmile:

All kidding aside. Any additional suggestions you haven't mentioned in your previous posts. Prep work, Etc.

Also, are you referring to the 20gr gamepoints. How are they for expansion. My new rifle likes the 20gr gamepoints better. At least killing paper so far @ 100 yards.

I always shot 17GR TNT and V-max with the old rifles.

the game points expand quite well IMO. they work great on Jacks...shot placement is key on yotes though.

no prepwork on the gun, if you want urban, spray it flat black, then use grey primer as you cammo. if you want desert, start with tan base coat the add brown, light green, and fininish with black. your color of terrain should be your base coat.

glad i didn't rapid fire the gun.
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