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    I don't know if this has been posted yet, but I caught part of a Mythbusters episode last night where they were testing hitman myths. In particular, they were testing if a hitman could fire through a wall and kill his adversary on the other side.

    They were using either a Beretta M9 or 92 (I couldn't tell which), and what they called "standard" 9mm hollowpoint ammunition clocked at 1200 fps. They fired through lathe and plaster, two sheets of 1/2 inch drywall filled with insulation, drywall/2x4, drywall/metal stud, drywall and copper pipe, and drywall with a double sided steel junction box.

    Neither the lathe and plaster or drywall slowed the bullet past 1050 fps or deformed the bullet much. The drywall and both types of studs failed to slow the bullet much past 900 fps. The drywall copper pipe deflected and deformed the bullet, but it still retained over 700 fps velocity. Only the drywall and steel junction box stopped the bullet from passing through the wall completely.
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    Pretty consistent with the Box o' Truth tests and dozens of other, both before and after.

    Sometimes I watch Mythbusters for entertainment, but never for rock-solid firearms related info. They're usually not bad, but there have been occasional small errors that I've seen. But, anyway, I'm mad at 'em for hosing Kari, Grant, and Tory.

    Peace favor your sword,

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    They said it was the same as used by military and LEOs. I'm gonna guess the M9.
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    They are known frauds in certain areas. They totally muffed the "acetone in fuel" tests
    and the Bedini Motor testing. When they "tested" the Bedini Motor, they did not even
    do a proper replication. It was not even close to a Bedini! They also employed the
    "expertise" of an MIT "electrical engineer" or something with an MIT "label" :p

    Electrical Engineers are mostly ignorant of "open system" type circuits.

    Bedini was pissed that they even called that mess they built a Bedini :mad:

    They are both paid frauds. 100%
  5. mr_flintstone

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    Well, Kari anyway.

    Sometimes they do make errors; big ones even. I watched their setup pretty closely on this one though. It seemed pretty legit. I would like to have seen the chrono readings though, and known what brand of ammo they were using.
  6. undeRGRound

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    That's hardly "standard", that is +P or maybe NATO spec (but it was JHP)

    Another place where they FAIL. Utterly. [​IMG]
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    I'd say that you'd be hurtin if you were on the other side of a wall and people were shooting at you from the other side, 9mm or not. You could be shooting a .22 short at me, I DONT wanna be on the other side of that wall.

    Luckily for me, GOD watches out for: drunks (check), cops (check), fools (check) and little children....(check)...I'm safe
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    Maybe they used military and police Standard Ammo, too... like +P or NATO?
    That would explain that statement, but still implies standard consumer ammo. :( :p
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    NE Utah
    Huh? there's LOTS of "standard" 115 grain 9mm ammo that pushes 1200fps, and there's 124 grain +P+ that barely makes 1250.

    But that means NOTHING, since in terms of standard or +P ratings, only the pressure matters.

    The SAAMI max pressure limit for the 9×19mm Parabellum is set at 35,001 psi piezo pressure.

    The 9 mm NATO can be considered as an overpressure variant of the 9×19mm Parabellum that is defined by NATO standards, as it is spec'ed out at a max of 36,500 psi.

    BUT>>>> in SAAMI's specs, +P is 10% over, which puts the 9mm limit at 38,500 psi. IS possible that NATO ammo is lower pressure than standard, since NATO spec is ACTUALLY about the muzzle energy, which is related to velocity, not directly to pressure. it REALLY +P? The MAX pressure is only 4.2% over standard max pressure. And unless you measure pressure, and not simply can't say for sure.:p
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    OK, I looked at Ballistics 101 and you're absolutely RIGHT!
    It's almost ALL over 1100 FPS and a few are over 1200 FPS and not just
    the "expensive" ammo. Plenty of my "cache" is in this sweet spot :D:D

    I need to go thru and grade my ammo, use the slower plinker/target stuff
    for practice, and run a few of the hotter ones, to get an idea of what it is
    and save the better ones. I know the perFecta is
    a bit off from the WWB... which is mostly what I shoot, so far. :D
    Meaning I have shot a lot of WWB and perFecta...

    Thanks for making me do some homework, COACH! Keep me on the A-TEAM! :D
  11. Yeah I wonder if someone wasn't a bit jealous. Let's face it, she was definitely easier on the eyes than either of the two who started the show.
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    Over unity crap is the fraud!

  13. undeRGRound

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    If so, why didn't "mythbusters" build the RIGHT MACHINE, and debunk THAT?
    Why did the choose to willingly FALSIFY their testing?
    Does not prove OU, but it hardly disproves it!

    Besides, there have been regular engineers and scientists that were presented
    with the Bedini Phenomenon, and could not debunk it, so they allowed that
    "apparently Mr. Bedini has uncovered an 'artifact' of the Lead Acid Battery" :rolleyes:
  14. cicpup

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    You do realize it's just a tv show that uses myths as an excuse to blow $hit up, right? Nothing to get worked up over.
  15. MaryB

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    Over Unity is impossible no matter what, anyone who believes that crap is gullible!

  16. Think1st

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    The system would lose energy to heat as it operated, so it would be impossible to run it forever. Add a load to it, and the motor would lose its ability to further run the generator, and it would end up running down to a dead stop.

    If anything, the generator acts more like a battery in the system, in that it has an initial amount of energy provided from the initial force provided to start it. It certainly can't run indefinitely.
  17. Pablo

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    I watch for the explosions.
  18. USMC_VET

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    Like the cement truck that got vaporized !!! :eek:
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    being that the show is produced in the Gun Mecca of America San Francisco then Its completely surprising to me that they get the gun stuff wrong.

    Did anyone notice that in one of the recent mythbuster episodes while dealing with the hollywood style reload they used standard capacity mags instead of CA neutered ones?

    Or with the Jaws explosion revisited they shot the scuba tank with a 50 cal? I seem to recall something about those being banned for civilians in CA. must have been educational use?

    Turns out the lesson here is become a celebrity and you'll get to shoot whatever you want inside the borders of Kalifornistan.
  20. lsi1

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    i do like the show as a whole though and watch it with my 5 year old because we both like big boom.