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  1. at one point last year it was said Wolf was going to have ammo for it by the end of '07 but I haven't seen any yet. That's what has been holding me back on it.

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    don't they make a cylinder conversion for it?
  3. I'm not sure, I know people use othyer types of ammo in them but the whole fire blowing out around the cylinder kind of put me off on that whole line of attack.
  4. I have heard that you can use 32 S&W in these guns while we are waiting for the 7.62 nagant ammo to show up.
  5. That's a beautiful pistol for a hell of a price. Honestly, I would buy one just to keep in the safe as a chunk of firearms history, but that's just me.
  6. Some people either use .32 S&W Short or .32 S&W Longs in them. A .32 H&R Mag case will fit in the cylinder but standard H&R Mag rounds operate at pressures that are well above what the Nagant was designed to operate at. Some guys do use the H&R Mag cases but down load them to .32 S&W Long ballistics. Problem with using the S&W or H&R brass is you will end up with a good bit of bulged/split cases and waste a lot of good brass for very marginal accuracy and poor velocity.

    Currently 7.62 Nagant ammo is made by Fiocchi and HotShot.. The HotShot ammo can be found at J&G Sales for about $26 per 50rounds. MidwayUSA sells new brass for about $15 per per 20rds.
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  8. I have a '38 Tula that I bought from SOG 5-6 yrs to 12 boxes of the Russian Yellowbox ammo for it...stinky but fun!

    Had the .32ACP cylinder for it too....didn't work out to well...hit or miss depending on the gun.
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    Ya know...I dig! If it shoots a more common variant of .32 such as the S&W, then it very well might be a great option!
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    That is exactly what I did.
    I snagged 2 last year. One is 1944 "Izzy" and the other is 1919 Tula.
    Also picked up a couple boxes of the HotShot ammo, non-corrosive.
    I have only put one bullet down the tube of the 1944. None in the 1919.
    Got 'em at J&G for $75 each. Both are in outstanding shape. Cool guns.
    Here is the link. Reviews too.
  11. If everyone thinks a KelTec, PA-63, P64 or S&W Sigma has a heavy DA trigger they should try the Nagant in DA mode. Last one I played with had every bit of 18# DA trigger pull.
  12. You must drink vodka before you shoot make you strong like Stalin.... :wink:
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    I am now planning on getting a Nagant revolver to go with my Mosin Nagant rifle...DAMN YOU ALL!!! :D
  14. For the price and history you gotta get one. Man is the ammo expensive tho.
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    Hi all, I was just lucky enough to get my C & R license today and was talking to my husband about the Nagant as one of our first purchases on a very long list.

    We looked at one at a gun show recently and was surprised at the amount of gap between the cylinder and barrel.

    Okay, so it's cheap and all that stuff. Like stated here, I think it's a great piece of history and would make a great companion gun for my M44.

    Question is, how is it to shoot?
  16. Hello, I think you will really like your Nagant. I don't own one yet but it is in the plans. Research this pistol on the net and learn about its very unique operation and then take a look at the cartridges for this revolver. It is quite an interesting design. That gap you saw closes while firing.
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    Thanks for the information on the Nagant's unique cylinder design. We were in a local Farm King sporting goods department yesterday talking to a clerk who is a Cruffler and out of the blue he started talking about the Nagant's cylinder moving forward when shot to fill that gawdawful gap it possesses.

    That cinched it. Gotta have one! :wink: