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    does any one know if the nagant can fire 32 sw long cartridges in the same cylinder i know they make a 32acp cylinder but do you have to do any thing to make fire 32sw long.
  2. Yes, you can shoot the 32 S&W longs with no conversion. Many people do due to them being a little cheaper.

  3. The problem with using .32 S&W Long or .32 H&R Mag in the Nagant revolver without a conversion cylinder is bulged cases, stuck cases and really hard extraction of the spent cases. While the rim diameter of the 7.62x38mm Nagant round is the same as the .32 Long and .32 H&R Mag the Nagant round has a slightly larger case and the cylinders are bored to a slightly larger diameter. This is why the American cartridges tend to bulge the cases when fired in a stock Nagant cylinder.

    Fiocchi produces the 7.52x38mm Nagant ammo, it runs about $25 a box of 50, so check around and you can find it on some of the ammo sites. There is also a conversion cylinder that fires standard .32ACP but it may require a bit of fitting to get the timing right. Another conversion cylinder that can be found uses 7.62x25mm ammo... DO NOT get this for the old Nagant revolvers!!!! The old guns just cant stand the high pressures of the Tokarov ammo and it can be a bad combo for such an old revolver.

    The price of .32 S&W Long and 7.62x38mm Nagant is about the same per box, but its much easier to find the S&W ammo than the Nagant ammo. I would just spend a bit of time looking for a supplier for the Nagant ammo and order it, but in a pinch using the .32 S&W Long would work provided you dont plan on reloading the cases and dont mind some hard extraction with the spent cases.