Nagant revolver

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    Thinking of getting one to go with my MN. Where's a good place to get one.
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  3. My brother has one that includes a .32 acp cylinder.
    He bought one box of the 7.62 ammo just to have it but usually shoots 32 long, 32 H&R magnum, and with a cylinder change, 32 acp.
  4. They are defintely cool. Also one of the only revolvers that can be silenced.

    But ammo is hard to find and super pricey.

    When people buy a conversion to shoot 32. which is usually known as pricey and hard to find. You know its a PITA

    If you are just looking for a cool gun that will go nicvely with your MN. Grab one while they are still cheap and easy to find. If you want a cheap shooting revolver don't
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    My fiancé got me one a couple days ago. I love it.

    Of course I have a Mosin nagant collection sitting in a crate coffee table I made so it goes well.

    I am tempted to OC it though... For nostalgia and things.

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    Could be a trick....... Mayyyyybe she bought you a revolver, hoping you'd get your flowing beard hair caught in it, and be forced to trim it. ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1416493241.733049.jpg
  7. For the longest time the Nagant revolver was a bargain at 100 bucks more or less. Now at 200 and over not so much. I should have picked up a couple when they were less than a 100.

    Ammo is no problem it will digest 32 H&R with no problem, should shoot 32 long with no problem either. Though the cylinder to barrel gap will not seal completely unless using the original ammo.

    ETA it will shoot 32-20 cases after they have been run through a Nagant die. 32-20 brass can be bought from starline.
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    I didn't think about that! My beard cannot be bought with firearms alone!

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    They're still a bargain at $200.

    Unlike the rifles, the revolvers were produced in far less numbers and used in vastly different circumstances, often carried as pieces of pride by officers, etc.

    That said, the mil surp price won't last long. It took decades for people to value the rifles as historic and collectors, the same will happen with the revolvers.

    With less to go around, they'll be nice pieces to invest in.

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  10. I agree.

    IF you want nostalgia they have it

    I know a member here has one with a silencer on it aswell.
    IM betting it was Liberty, as i think he has more than a few NFA fun things.
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    As I handled one a couple of days ago: is the cylinder supposed to close the gap entirely as you cock the hammer?
    Or is the round supposed to seal the final gap?
    The gun I handled still had about a 1mm gap with the hammer cocked.
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    The round seals the gap.

    My copy was a bit tighter than 1mm but there was a glint of light between cylinder and forcing cone.

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  13. Mine has a gap a bit tighter than .1mm too. They are neat historic pieces and watching the cylinder move forward is entertaining too. :cool:
  14. Bull

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    How much more difficult is it for it to keep its timing, with a forward moving cylinder?

  15. I understand your logic here but not sure I would pay over $150 for another one. I do really like the pistol and it shots great.

    I do feel I should have bought a few more when I could get them for $100
  16. I am not a collector, though I have a few guns. I only buy a gun for shooting, or carry.

    I should have bought a couple when they were 100 bucks, but over that, nawwwww.

    The ones I handled had a horrible double action trigger pull, that is a lot what stopped me from buying one at 100. I have a Colt Police Positive in 32-20 and I just love that gun, trying to find one in 38 spl but prices have gone up too much. I just don't think I could love a nagant revolver.
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    Cruised around on the almighty web for a bit. Found about a half dozen on GB. Two of them had bids that met reserve at $200. Another at $250 had no bids. The ones at $350, $400, and $450 had no bids - imagine that! AIM had one for $189.95.

    I think there is still a little bit of surplus ammo around at about $4.75/14. They do make new manufacture 7.62x38 (I think Prvi Partizan makes it). I got a conversion cylinder to shoot .32acp when I got my revolver a couple of years ago (for $129). They go for $75-80 - if you can find one.

    I think they're just way cool, and a great companion piece for the M91/30 rifle. Not cheap to shoot, but I take it out once in a while.

    And yeah, the DA trigger pull is horrible.

  18. I guess I have become a collector on the years. I buy firearms I like and ones I might be interested in a few years(get them before prices go up). But I find myself spending less time shooting them then I would like.

    I bought both my boys Mosins because when they are old enough to enjoy them they won't be able to afford them. Next to get them both a tin of ammo so they don't take mine:) Should have gotten them revolvers also...

    But I agree the old 38 police revolvers would be much nicer to have and I would be more incline to carry those. The nagant double action trigger is 10-12 pound pull it is very bad.
  19. Their expense(ammo wise)is ameliorated by the pita of having to extract one round at a time and then load one round at a time. Thus you run out of patience before you run up a big bill, lol.

    The whole cylinder rotates forward so the sealing is both that and the round having a sunken bullet. Neat in its way but also contributes to the stiff trigger.

    The trigger can be made much lighter by placing one of said bullets inside the handle between the spring and the frame(see the Nagant Forum)

    At $100 or $200 or even a bit more you get a piece that has WWII history, is unique and has very mild recoil. And they look WWII funky cool to boot!

    I shoot mine fairly regularly but use only one box of ammo per range visit.

    They should be in every collection and IMHO do NOT use any ammo but the 7.62x38(the real deal)