Nagant rework help

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  1. Ok, I want to take the stock off of the 91/30 and refinish it.
    Any tips? What kind of finish would be best? I don't want it to slick.
    An if I take the stock off will the rest stay together?
    What do I need to watch for when doing this?

  2. Here is a guide to taking the rifle apart with pics

    As far as the wood, that is really up to you. They were originally finished with shellac, which leaves a shiny look.

    If you wanted to you could clean the stock down to bare wood, and then put a light coat of some sort of wood oil on it.

    I prefer the shellac myself

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    91/30 would have been covered with shellac... Wipe it down with a denatured alcohol . If you are going to sand it all down do it after you wiped it down with the alcohol. Then take some amber shellac and mix it with some red rit clothes die tell you get it to a very close shade of red. Then shellac the stock. Once you have got a coat on and it has dried hit it with some real fine steelwool between coats... If yo make any mistakes the denatured alcohol will take the shellac right back off.

    There you go
  4. Sweet! I was afraid I'd need to go get some paint stripper first. This is looking like a much easier project than I had first thought

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    Sweet! Thanks for the linkage and info guys!
  6. ok, since I'm finally taking some time off of work I decided it's time to redo the Nagant. But I have a few more questions for those of you who have done this.
    1) did you tap out the barrel band springs or can you leave them in while refinishing?

    2)How common are shims at the tang and recoil lug and are they tricky to put back?