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    Ok, my buddy who has the Mosin had a bunch of surplus ammo. In with the stuff for the Nagant was some other stuff that was marked 7.62x54 but it was too small for that.

    Grabbed a c few pics best I could. I brought a few rounds home so I can try to get better pics if I have to




    Here's one compared to the shell from the Mosin

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    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1423447702.478086.jpg

    Just put the two together.
    7.62x39 just equals the length of the x54r shell casing.

    7.55 French maybe?
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    His looks a bit longer though.

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    It's too short for a .308
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    That's what She Said!

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  7. Looks like it's a Czech 7.62x45. It's the correct length, looks like the correct diameter and correct grove for it.
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    Interesting. I'll do some more research on that round
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    Nothing yet...been pretty pre-occupied with all this funeral stuff. Been preparing one way or another since Wed. The funeral is tomorrow
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    From left to right: .308, .223, 5.45x39, 7.62x39

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  11. 7.62x45.jpg

    I don't how this will look. I'm not arty.


    Not to bad. This next one is to scale on my monitor(the case is of the 7.62x39 is 39mm), but......

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