Naming your firearms!

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  1. Call me a traditionalist, but I name my firearms. I treat it more seriously than I would naming my kid, probably (given the fact that it's been three years and I just named my 4095 yesterday). Anyway, right now I have two with names, and two more which are new enough I haven't decided yet. Anyone else do this?





    Ironically enough, I just found out Susan (the woman I named it after) just started dating someone else... oh well, she's still a good friend. And I can take the other Susan (4095) out on weekends whenever I want. The G27 got named almost immediately; IMO this is one of those things where the gun picks the name, not the other way around. I saw her and immediately decided "Amber" was her name... I'm leaning towards Megan for my 91/30, but I'll give it some more time to see if it fits :). Cya!
  2. "lucille" for my .45

  3. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    i had a MN 91/30 named boris, a mauser named krauter and and a NEF 45-70 named bertha. Its normal to name things we have affection for.

  4. Mine all have female names... My firearms, chainsaws, firetrucks, and ambulances are all feminine.
  5. Bertha was a rail gun! Unless you were refering to the movie Boxcar Bertha. (Barbara Hershey) Then I would understand.
  6. I must be one of the few, but mine don't have names.
  7. Ari

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    I do not name mine, but I do call the collection the hairum. The guns in it are known as the ladies :lol:
  8. Nope, just call them my weapons.
  9. Another vote for machines of destruction. No names.

    That's been true of my motor vehicles through the years as well. And I've had some that I've customized/polished/taken to shows/slaved over.

    I like 'em, I polish 'em, I cherish 'em. But they're still cold iron. I'm not sayin' it's right or wrong; I'm just sayin' it's where I'm at.
  10. Joe Sixpack

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    have'nt named any of mine, although i've been known to call them whupass from time to time.
  11. Silicon Wolverine

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    actually i had the railroad gun in mind. my 45-70 recoils just about as hard and just as loud. :shock:

  12. neothespian

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    I simply call the Hi-Points "The Americans", and the M44 "The Soviet". The Winchester Defender was "The Boomstick", by obvious reasons for those who are Bruce Cambell fans.

    It's pretty easy to figure the names of the rest of my guns out at this rate.
  13. unclerob

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    No names here either.
    Hell, I had a pet snake for 3 years and never even named that.
    I guess, if it is something that won't respond, I don't name it.
  14. My 4095 responds... I pull the trigger, it goes "bang" lol.
  15. Kelotravolski

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    +1 I wont name my children until I have to put something on the paper. I have had a max of 11 different pets at one time 6 of which had names.
  16. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    My JCP is Wolf since it's a beast.
    My 995....haven't decided yet...Bear seems fitting.
    my RG-22...Fräulein Ghetto, my little ghetto blaster.
  17. elguapo

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    Please forgive the graphics....

  18. Sorry, the only thing I've named along those lines was my Fender Strat. It's the Tex-Mex version, so I call her "Beauty" because she's a Mexican cutie ;)

    My SKS is "SKS"; my Glock is "Glock"; my Hi-Point is "HI-Point"; etc., etc. Not very imaginative, huh.
  19. Me too, I love them like my kids, but never have named them. Guess my brain doesnt move in that direction :?