National Bullet Company...Closed? Anybody in Eastlake OH?

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  1. wd6bgn

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    Hi does anyone know what the story is on national bullet company?

    National Bullet Co.Inc.
    1585 E. 361 St.
    Eastlake OH 44095

    I placed an order with them online, and the robot took my money, but I have heard nothing from them. My email I just sent them bounced.

    Just wondering...
  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    IMMEDIATLY file a non delivery compalnit with you CC company and make them do a chargeback. NBC has been defaulting on orders for months now. The guy that runs it is a liar and a cheat. Multiple parties on gunsnet and arfcom have gotten burned by this guy.. DO NOT order from national bullet co.


  3. wd6bgn

    wd6bgn Guest

    Thank you. Will comply.
    I now get my bullets from Missouri Bullet co. Cheeper and faster del.

    Thanks again SW.
  4. Oh god, do NOT EVER USE NATIONAL BULLET COMPANY. Glocktalk and other forums are riddled with people who have been ripped off by that company.

    Repeat, do not use National Bullet Company, they have been charging people and not delivering.

    Now I shall read the thread and hopefully no one has gotten ripped off yet. (I saw the name National Bullet Company and had to post right away!)