National MS Society Fundaraising - Please help out!

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  1. About two years ago, my wife Heather was diagnosed with MS - multiple sclerosis. For those of you who don't know, MS is a condition where your immune system has decided that your nervous system is a threat and proceeds to attack it in various debilitating ways.

    About MS:

    It's a disease that varies in it's effects, has got scientists scratching their heads for a cause and right now has no cure. The National MS Society are trying to fix that and give people like my wife all of their lives back.

    Normally, we would both take part in the National MS Society's sponsored walk every year, but I'm suffering from back/hip issues and Heather's doctor doesn't like her walking that far, as becoming overheated can cause her MS to flare up into an episode of blindness or other disabling effect.

    As we can't do our part at the walk this year, we are having to rely on simple donations from good folks such as yourselves to help the National MS Society raise money this year. I've linked to Heather's donation page where she explains herself better than I can.

    Heather's page:

    So, if you can donate, please do. We've been lucky with the progression of Heather's MS so far, but we've read about and met a lot of people who aren't anything like as fortunate and through your donations we all can help them.


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    My wife has MS as well...

    I feel your pain...

    But there is hope, they found ways to stop the disease now, and soon they will cure it i'm sure...

    does she have remitting/relapsing MS or progressive?

  3. The next hard drive sales goes to Heather... Can I use paypal to donate?
  4. "Fortunately", she ended up with remitting/relapsing and has had almost no serious relapses so far, God willing.

    So we're basically playing a waiting game with drug therapy and research to hope that they find enough data to allow them to at least arrest the disease before her symptoms become too debilitating.

  5. Welcome to america, it's called a check ya damn foreigner! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I'll just send it to ya paypal, total minus shipping.
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    My good friends mother had MS, it was very difficult for the family. It finally went into remission and she started to live "normal" again, sadly she was killed in a freak horse riding accident shortly after getting back out.

    She had ridden horses all her life, this all happen about 6 years ago now I do believe.

    I hope they find a cure for MS among other diseases soon.
  7. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!

    We're approaching the day itself so I thought I'd bump this a little :)