NAU (The UNIVERSITY) caught up in a shooting, but not on it.

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    Seems one of the no-tell motels across from Northern Arizona University got shot up by some fellow, and the SWAT and local police responded by giving chase, and they went right through the centre of campus where my Girlfriend was working. They locked the place down and went sniper happy, putting a guy on nearly every building. Of course rumors were flying over the net and text messages with students about some crazed gunman shooting students, but alas, it was just your average Meth head and his misadventures that just happened to bleed over to campus.

    Gotta love this...... Seems to be the "In" thing to have a campus shooting. Would hate to be a Dean right now in this country.

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    Well here's the funny thing:

    The NAU Dean of Students said there was "No Lockdown" and that while they did not locate the shooter, there "probably was never one".

    Then why were there multiple shots reported by citizens in the area, and why were the police telling everyone to take caution since there were shots fired?

    Also, the local media (the ONE local television station up here) was kept out of the University entirely by University and local Police for 4 hours after the incident had been "cleared".

    And, for it not being a lockdown, there were SURE alot of police baracades around the school and my g/f was stuck there for 2 hours extra. There were cops as far up the mountain as my theater, and I work nearly 2 miles away from her job!

    Interesting note: One of my g/f's employees had the door of the hotel room kicked in (They were next door to the inn that the shooting occured) and was arrested, only to be released hours later. She wasn't even outside or at the same hotel, but I think that there was honestly some racial profiling going on seeing as she's one of the VERY few black students at the school. Flagstaff police have also been in some hot water for some not-so-unbiased cases as of late, and after dealing with a few of them on the community level, I can understand the public's issues. They don't pay alot and I've seen Phoenix cadets that have more intra-personal communication skill and crisis management ability than some of these Flagstaff "Veterans".

    All in all, the village government did a VERY poor job at handling the entire situation. If this occured in Phoenix or Tucson, there'd be investigations going on with the lack of legitimate suspects and the lack of information provided to the public.
  3. Wow, really gets me thinking. I'm glad you and yours are all safe, thats the important stuff.
  4. A person just doesn't know what to think these days. Hell, pretty soon the employees at the burger joints are going to open fire on the people in the drive through! (sarcasm)

    Glad to hear everyone was OK Neo