Need (?) a computer clean up program

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  1. Calling all computer guru's. Are computer clean up programs (reg cleanup and alike) worth it?

    Which one do (would) you use?
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    if you mean worth it as in paying for them, no-there's plenty of free stuff out there
    I don't bother with the registry anymore unless I'm trying to kill a virus. Windows CleanUp from the Strangely Green Chicken company is one I use sometimes to cleanup intraweb trash, but with Spybot S&D and Adaware, most everything else is got.

    *edit*Looks like the weird name above has been done away with, Steven Gould is the developer and he's got a different page now.

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    Why do you need a computer clean-all? 9 out of 10 times it's easier to get a specialty program to rid the system of the annoyance. ;)
  4. ccleaner is another decent one used to be called crap cleaner

    It, adaware and spybot search and destroy and my main ones to use on a puter that free is the key word for programs
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    I had an older version of avg and it stopped letting me update it, in the span of time between versions, and i quit using it. I was infected with Adssite, and couldn't shake it with SuperAntiSpyware, AdAware, Spybot Search&Destroy, or a $14.99 AntiSpyware program... last night i uninstalled the old AVG, got the new free edition, and found 8 trojans. (not the good kind either ;) )
    What is your computer doing OR not doing that is making you want to revamp the whole thing?
  6. Personally, I use Advanced Registry Optimizer and Window Washer. Both are great programs.
  7. I guess I should explain why I think I need it. I would like to clean the registry of all the dead links and try to speed up the system. I used System Mechanic many years ago, but I'm thinking there are better ones out there and maybe some free ones. I am up to date on anti viruses (AVG) and spy ware.
  8. Advanced Registry Optimizer. You can still get freeware copies from Works great.
  9. Those are what I use and they work. Just keep them updated and you are good to go.
  10. I use System Mechanic. It's an older version cause the new ones add a bunch of whistles I get elsewhere. I only use sys mech for the reason you stated above. You can get it on Nothing But Software for about $5.
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    This one's a trial and can only fix 20 registry errors before you have to purchase. :cry:
  12. WTF?

    When I get back from turkey hunting, I have something for you... Just send me a PM/E-mail to remind me ok?
  13. ccleaner will remove all dead links with no problems, and gives you the option to make a back up copy before doing anything to the registry.
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    Just to see if it helps, in the meantime think about doing the following:
    1. Go to the control panel, add/remove programs, and remove the programs that you do not use/do not need. This frees up some freespace.
    2. Put your pictures/music files on a different media than your hard drive. (DVD-R's are awesome for this!)
    3. Go to START, click "run", type in "msconfig", go to the startup tab, remove the programs that you would not like to start when windows loads. Personally, My desktop at home has everything removed except for ctfmon.exe (Windows process, not the trojan/spyware ctfmon) I go from Seeing the welcome screen to being able to click (no hour glass on cursor) and pull up Mozilla firefox in less than 2 seconds.
    4. If you have a large, detailed .bmp file as your desktop background, find the file, and save it as .jpg, and use the .jpg version instead. (rimfirehunter pointed this out to me on my first computer)
    I always finish up any computer refreshing activities with:
    Disk Cleanup - Frees up a little freespace (most times less than a meg)
    Disk Defragmenter- Organizes the files on your computer for SPEED. (I always exit all other programs, disconnect from the internet (when dial-up was cool), and walk away after it starts.)
  15. ccleaner for sure...