Need a good cheap 22 pistol, looking at Taurus PT22

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by shelbyzman, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. shelbyzman

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    I plan on getting a .22 pistol with Christmas money. Biggest reasons for a .22 : I can get 550 rounds of 22 for $10, and my wife can get more used to shooting a pistol with little recoil.
    I am looking at the Taurus PT22. I can get it new for $175.
    Anybody have any opinions on this gun.
    What others are out there that are under $200
    Of course, if hi-point made a .22 it would be under $100, dang I wish they made 22's
  2. z71silverado98

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    cant recommend anything, but i can advise you stay away from anything Phoenix Arms. Apparently the Lifetime warranty only applies if the gun isnt broken.

  3. Well I hate when this pistol is brought up as I'm forced to give an honest opinion. I've had experiences with 3 of them. All junk. Nothing but jams, almost every round. There may be something you can do to solve this problem, and willing to bet there is, but as I never owned one, and will not ever own one, I can not point you in the right direction. Every other Taurus firearm made I love and would trust my life to, but this is the one exception. They have been around for awhile, so if you're interested in one, I would suggest reading up on them before buying or ruling it out. Just some food for thought.
  4. Uraijit

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    Spend the extra $20-$30 and get yourself a Walther (my preference) or a Ruger. They're both accurate good guns.
  5. I have a Ruger 22/45 Mark III that I love. Mine is picky though, only likes round point (no hollowpoints).

    Other than that, its been an awsome gun. If I feed it round nose, I never have any problems.

    I would spend a little bit more money and get a Ruger.
  6. neothespian

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    Can't you find quite a few Ruger .22's for under or around $150 in your average pawn shop anymore? Never been big on their looks, but I hear they're an accurate .22
  7. Silicon Wolverine

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    Ive had both walther and ruger 22s. If you want an inexpensive .22 that isnt a tackdriver but will swallow just about anyhting you feed it go for the walther P22. If you want tack driving accuracy and are willing to put up with ammo prefernce go with the ruger. Both are good guns.

    Personnaly i have never encountered a taurus 22 that looked all that good. Ive handled around half a dozen at gunshows and shops and most seemed awaful rough around the edges for my tastes.

  8. hipoint.nut

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    +1 for the Ruger, I love mine.
  9. Fenix

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    +1 for ruger or walther, theyve been around so you know they are reliable. (i'd go with walther personally, but i know both are good)
  10. I've had a S&W 22A for years (5) and never had any trouble with it. It has interchangeable barrels, its very accurate, confortable, inexpensive and a solid integrated top rail for goodies (scopes, lasers, redots).

  11. shelbyzman

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    From my research, most of the people that had problems with the pt22 was because of the ammo. I know with 22's the ammo can make a big difference.

    About the walther...I think they look really cool. My dad and brother each had one. My dad's shot fine, but my brother's would jam all of the time. He ended up getting his money back after sending it back two or three times to Walther and it came back still jamming.
  12. Uraijit

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    Another plus to the Walther is the lifetime warranty :)
  13. shelbyzman

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    I like that S&W. I saw that it listed for $277....around how much at a good gun shop?
  14. I recommend you check out the Ruger MkIII, 22/45 or S&W22A, see which fits your hand, wallet and style. The Ruger MkI-II-III is what all other .22 pistols are measured against and like the Ruger 10/22 rifle upgrades are darn near endless. You can still find new MkII's in shops and plenty of used ones, personally I prefer the MkII over the newer MkIII's.

    New S&W22A's are selling for $229-$249 in my area, sometimes cheaper when on sale.

    I have owned Ruger MkII's in the past and currently own a 22/45, only other .22 pistol I want is the S&W 22A just because...LOL.
  15. Fenix

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    that S&W looks like fun 8)
  16. Thats a bit high, as rimfire said you can find them for about 50 bucks less if you look around. I bought mine, new, at a gun show and the dude had a $50 on the spot rebate from S&W (which was only for 9mm and above but who was I to argue) so I got it for a mere 170ish... if I recall.

    MkII and III are the bomb, but those can get expensive, sold a used target bull barrel one for 300 last year.
  17. Ari

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    Do not forget the Browning Buckmark... Ya if you are going to get a 22 pistol get something you can drive nails! Cause there are so many really nice pistol out there. That Taurus is a little bitty thing... get something that you can really learn to shoot with. Part of my local club is 22lr target pistols and they meet on Wednesday nights all winter and shoot indoors. During the summer they move it outside. I know other clubs have things like that... It is sure fun.
  18. did a review on the Taurus, Pheonix, and Walther...pretty good read and the Walther came on top, with the Pheonix a close second...and the Taurus...well...
  19. panoz77

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  20. shelbyzman:

    I was looking for a PT22 a few weeks ago, but couldn't find one, just the .25s...I just wanted a cheap double-action pocket pistol to shoot a bunch. I'm told the Taurus is a not-quite-knockoff of a Beretta 21A, so I bought one of those. The Beretta works great, is cheap to shoot and shoots well with cheap ammo, but is kind've boring. A local shop got a trade-in PT22 with an extra magazine in near-new condition. I bought it. I'll pick it up on the 21st of Dec after the mandatory 30 day hold so I have no idea what it shoots like yet. I'll probably keep the one of the two I like better and sell the other. I'll try to post something after I pick it up to let you know how I like it. Should you buy one, please post your opinions as well.

    ETA picture of the Beretta with some safe-mates: