Need a Name... (Now with Pictures)

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    So I just got the German Shepherd that I have been wanting. But I need to name her. She is only about 8 weeks old and was abandoned. She isn't a pure bred, but she caught my eye as soon as I saw her. Vet says she is in perfect health but just needs her puppy shots and other stuff.

    So again, I need to name her. I thought about Chris (short for Christina, the character that Michelle Rodriguez plays in S.W.A.T.) Or Abbie, Evey (from the Mummy movies), or something that you guys come up with.

    Thanks in advance for your help. :D
  2. HPHooked

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    How about Laura (Croft)?

  3. DLC

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    That's a good one.
  4. Strangerous

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    I'm gonna need pics, I can't name a dog without pics. LOL
    Here's an example of why: (Only look at the top picture, until you have your guess of who is who)
    Which dogs name is "Furbie"? Which one is "Stranger"?
  5. How about Isis, the Greek Goddess. I always did like that name.
  6. she is german.... so why not helga
  7. My stepmother is German and her name is Ursula... nah, pass on that one....
  8. mill419

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    How about Alice, from the Resident Evil movies?
  9. griff30

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    Actually Helga she wolf of the SS comes to mind.

    I want a puppy soon but cant find a Bullmastiff bitch to breed my stud to.

    edit..It wont even let me call a female dog what it is? its not a Witch..
  10. WarChilde

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    I've always given my animals ancient mythological names. One cat named 'Radamanthos' and the other 'Boudica', yeah, they be sexy felines.

    For some reason, I've always found giving a pet a comtemporary name was.....odd. I think it's just me though. Never have gotten over that dog named "Fred".
  11. BDW2084

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    How about Nikita? I think that'd be a cool name.
  12. hp4lyfe

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    natalshia i think thats the way its spelled like the girl from rocky and bullwinkle natalshia and boris
  13. How about Selene, from Underworld? That has a semi-German sound.
    However, They say that dogs need to have a name with a strong consonant sound. Like K-iller, Lu-CK-y, etc. So how about T-ina, short for Athena the Greek goddess of war.
    here is a short list of Goddesses:
    Cybele (Cybil)- Hittite version of Mother Earth, also goddess of walls and fortresses.
    Arnapkapfaaluk (big bad woman)- was the sea goddess of the Inuit people of Canada's Coronation Gulf area.
    Artemis- often depicted as a huntress carrying bow and arrows.
    Bast (also spelled Ubasti, and Pasht, and later Bastet)- is an ancient solar and war goddess in Egyptian mythology.
    Sekhmet (also spelled Sachmet, Sakhet, Sekmet, Sakhmet and Sekhet; and given the Greek name, Sacmis), was originally the warrior goddess of Upper Egypt.
    The Zorya (alternately: Zarya, Zvezda, Zwezda, Zory) are the three (sometimes two) guardian goddesses, known as the Auroras. They guard and watch over the doomsday hound that threatens to eat the constellation Ursa Minor, the 'little bear.' If the chain breaks loose and the constellation is devoured, the universe is said to end, in Slavic mythology.
    Freyja was associated with war, battle, death, magic, prophecy, and wealth.
    Mania was the personification of insanity, in Greek mythology. In Roman and Etruscan mythology, Mania (or Manea) was the goddess of the dead.
    Bia (Ancient Greek: ???, English translation: "violence") was the personification of violence.
    Menrva (also spelled Menerva, Merva and Mera) was an Etruscan goddess of war, art, wisdom and health.
    Nike (Greek ???? pronounced [ní?k??], meaning Victory), was a goddess who personified triumph, in Greek mythology.
    And here are two good lists of others:
  14. Kyu

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    I vote for Sojna but I have to agree that a Pic would hep.
  15. DLC

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    WOW! You guys have come up with some great names.

    I am trying to get pictures up as soon as I can. The wife has the camera, but she is home sick today, so she could snap a shot or two.

    Be back later with a pic hopefully.
  16. You ask us for help, and are amazed at our progress.... Hmmm....

    What exactly were you expecting again? :lol:

    I just wanna see the pic of that beautiful German Shepard. They are my favorite dog breed of all time.
  17. DLC

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    I guess I should not be surprised. The caliber of intellect here is far superior to a lot of other forums. :D