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    after a quick trip to the range this morning, my wife discovered she didn't like the recoil from my c9 or the glock that we rented and so i'm asking what handguns do you recommend for a small framed woman who doesn't have the stongest wrists. she tried out a sig sauer mosquito .22 that she really liked but i don't think it's practical for hd purposes. i'm getting ready to start a new job in a few weeks and it will take me out of town for 3rd shift every night. don't want momma and my kids defensless.
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    Two for you... One might sound weird. (But it is worth a try.) My wife shot a 1911 back to back with my xd9 she liked the 45 better as she felt the kick was not as sharp.. (her normal carry gun is a 357 mag she has carried and shot since 85. And she did not like 9mm) it would be interesting to see what your wife would think of the 1911.. Other then that I would point you toward a 4 inch steel 38spec. (Wheel gun)

  3. My wife can't even pull the slide back on my C9. We went to a gun shop and she ended up picking up a .38 spcl revolver. It's easy for her to load and shoot. It also doesn't kick to much for her. You might want to check out some wheel guns.
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    My wife didn't like the C-9 at first either. I bought her a P-22 to practice with. Once she got over her confidence issues with about an hour with the P-22, she decided to give the C-9 another go. She hasn't had a problem shooting it ever since.

    The P-22 also a great gun that's cheap to shoot! I shoot it more than my c-9 just because I can get 500 rounds for $9.
  5. In this situation, the .22LR pistol of any brand/kind is better than a snowball. My wife LOVES "her" P-22 as she can dump a 10 round mag into a man sized target at 10 yards and hit it in the black with every round. I don't know of any BG that can take 10 rounds of .22 in the chest and still walk. Unless he's high on PCP he's going down and staying there. Start her off small and work your way up. Comfort and confidence is key to shooting, and with females (Not all of them, but MOST of them) if they aren't comfortable or confident, they won't like it. There is definately a learning curve with shooting. Women are nurturers, they don't like the idea that they will have to hurt someone to protect themselves, that's why they are victimized everyday. You, as a husband and a father, have to teach them the "Art of War" so to speak and bring them to the place where they are willing to draw down on a intruder/attacker and be willing to shoot if "they" don't back off. It's a mind set, and it's something that doesn't come naturally to most women. It's also something that comes gradually with most females. My wife is slowly warming up to the idea that she just might have to kill someone should they decide that my house/my stuff AND MY WIFE, is better suited for them than theirs. Not in this lifetime you scumbag!!!! In that case, I have NO DOUBT my wife will pull the trigger. It's a learning process and you are in the baby steps... You have to crawl before you can walk.... Just be easy, gentle and warm her up slowly. Don't give her anything that she's not comfortable with. Granted, give her a 9mm or a .45 and she'll out shoot you all day, my wife does it all the time, she's just not comfortable doing so. Take it easy with her, give her something she can handle comfortably and you're good to go.... Just my $0.02
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    The only gun larger than a .22 my wife likes to shoot is the 995 carbine. She refuses to shoot handguns larger than a .22. Rather than fight it, I just let her shoot what she likes. I know I wont and don't own/shoot guns that I don't like.

    I would get the 995 and slap a ATI stock on it with the rubber buttpad plus a red dot and let her use that. The 995 is short, which makes it maneuverable, and its accurate so its a good choice for HD.
  7. We had a similar problem. I am a country farm boy and my wife spent her entire youth in the city. She was never acustom to weapons. Now dont laugh but this works. We started her out on a $50 wal-mart co2 bb pistol then moved her up to a 22 short revolver . When she was comfortable she went to a 380 then a 9mm. We were able to find these rounds in 380 and 9mm at a local gun show made by remington called reduced recoil or managed recoil, somthing like that anyways.
    The real secret i found was to not pressure her and let her say when she wants to move on. also my wife liked to shoot best when noone else was around. Now she is on to 45acp (i just cant figure out where she gets her love of 1911's from :wink: . I hope this helps you.
  8. HiPoint 380

    I have never shot the HiPoint 380, but I'm guessing it has a very mild recoil. However, it still might take some finger muscles to rack the slide, I suppose.
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    Wanna hear something funny, the first gun my wife shot was my 20g shotgun. I was shooting clays at a friends house and asked her if she wanted a try. I walked her through the whole process and bang she went. Now she prob shot 5 rounds and said it was enough lol. She didn't shoot for almost 3 years until I got my 995. She loves to shoot the 995 but won't mess with the shotty anymore. So start her off with what she is comfortable.

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    Re: Taurus 941 Ultra Light in 22 mag

    I have the 941 4" barrel [almost like that one] my sister loves shooting it and that is what she hs by her bed at night full of hollwpoints. She says if a slimeball gets in and if they get out they'll be a little heavier with some lead weight :wink: :lol:
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    I agree with the .22 revolver. The 2 problems my wife had was loading mags and racking the slide.
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    My wife had a few problems with my 9mm with that. I just had to have her pratice with it at the range and she has gotten much better.
  13. i think this is what i need to do with my wife. She does not like guns, and refuses to shoot my hi power 9mm. Maybe i will try the co2 route.
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    I Strongly recommend against Rim Fires for defensive work, the tiny .22 caliber bullet either blows apart after only a few inches of penetration stopping short of the vitals or if one uses a solid lead bullet the wound track is so unremarkable with a extremely small ice pick style wound any damage produced is minimum at best. Solids do not penetrate to desired levels most times if intermediate barriers such as winter coats or arms are encountered. Damage to internal organs stops fights as bleed out occurs which drops blood pressure to the brain, the small amount of damage done by sub-caliber bullets just does not bleed out a bad guy quick enough and allows them to continue firing at you or the family. I just have seen too many people shot with a .22LR, .25acp or .32acp multiple times and walk into the E/R under their own power. The Myth that a .22LR bullet hits a person then bounces all over the body is bull and leads many to believe that the .22LR is a legitimate defensive loading. Females who are new to the shooting sport tend not to like the recoil of pistols or the movement of the slide during cycling. The proper way to start a new shooter is with a small caliber revolver then as time goes working up to the larger calibers as this allows the female to acclimate to recoil and become familiars with the action. Pistols are poor choices for females looking for a defensive gun if they are not willing the commit to a weekly training course to stay proficient in their use and the drilling of immediate stoppage drills. Best bets for females are steel framed six shoot revolvers of .38spl as they are a point, pull and bang gun inwhich almost nothing can go wrong. My take is if the shooter does not want to commit to the riggers of pistol training then the only option is the almost foolproof revolver with a caliber that has the ability to stop a fight quickly. Poor choices in a defensive firearm as well as caliber and ammunition have gotten people killed, dont allow your loved ones to be a victim and make the smart choices with proper training.
  15. Very good advice, GMAN. I agree that the .22 is a questionable caliber, even if it's a MAG. Some people like them, but I kinda shun away from them (that's my experience as a former .22WMR owner). My daughter, a 98 lbs. weekling (OK, well maybe 99 lbs.), was having struggling and having trouble trying to pull the slide back on my C9, just like vallen and 8andsand. But, instead of the .22, we went with the Taurus Ultralite .38 Special. :D
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    My wife is in the millitary, as most know.

    She is a good shot with the M9, on a guy scale. :lol:

    But at home she prefers the P22.

    Now a for questionable, I agree. However it is better for her to fend off a BG with that than her bare hands.

    Now this is also a stepping stone for now. I do eventually want to move her up a cal. But her size and preference for her CCW is the walther P22.

    She just thought it felt better in her hands.
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    My wife didn't like the kick of the C9 either. She has fairly weak fingers and found it hard to pull the slide back on most of the semi-automatic pistols. We ended up getting her the Berretta 3032 Tomcat. She never has to pull back the slide. It has a drop forward barrel that allows you to put a round in without racking the slide. She doesn't have to pull back the hammer initially either as the trigger works it like a single action. Little or no risk of accidental discharge with a round in the pipe. For HD purposes she keeps it loaded with FMJ as it is such a small round that the Hollow Points don't guarantee penetration. The .32 FMJ on the other hand will penetrate deep enough to do significant damage and 8 rounds center mass is enough to persuade a home invader to quit breathing.

    She also thinks it "cute", which is in her opinion very important. Can't use an ugly gun.
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    the advice has been tremendous and my wife and i thoroughly welcomed it and i think that we have decided to start her off with a used p22 that we can acquire easily and eventually work her up to a revolver in say a .38 or .357 scale. i'm in the process of teaching the correct stance and way to hold a gun, she has been shown so many wrong techniques over the years. so we really are starting a square one but it was encouraging yesterday to watch her face light up as she started putting lead downrange. it seemed to really light a fire and now i think i have a new range "buddy"

    i agree that the .22 seems low when thought of in terms of stopping power but i feel that she needs to made comfortable with putting bullets on target first and then hopefully the lethality issue becomes alittle clearer and easier to obtain
  19. No, the .22lr does not make a good caliber as far as stopping power goes. It will kill a person because of how it breaks up as it enters and makes it hard to stop the person from bleeding, but that could be well after that person has already taken care of whoever it was that shot them. However, I will say that it beats the heck out of nothing at all and is far more intimidating than a persons bare hands, so it's not completely useless.

    Have fun with the P22. :) I plan on getting one for my fiancée and I in the not too distant future.