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  1. sarahsmom

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    In the next few days I will have $500 to spend on firearms. My first thought was to get a 995ts, and a Taurus 738 tcp, but that would put me at $446 not counting tax and the background check. This is the price thru the site I want to order from, I can pick up local with no ffl fees. Only problem is neither one is in stock, and that wouldn't leave anything leftover for ammo, etc. I have thought about maybe just getting a JHP and a 4595ts. OR I can just buy one of the carbines and deck it out. OR just buy the Taurus and get my ccw. I really would like to get 2 weapons out of it, if I can, though. My C9 is very lonely. Any ideas and/or suggestions would be most appreciated! HELP! :confused::confused::confused:
  2. SWAGA

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    Just for convenience sake I'd probably stick to 9mm.
    So the 995TS and a 9mm carry gun.
    You could even trade in the C9 as another $100 towards a better carry gun.

  3. planosteve

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    Yea, what he said. SWAGA can give good advice at times and this is one of them.
  4. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Get the 995ts carbine and some bulk ammo.
  5. moona11

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    There is a lot of nice concealed weapons you can get. But you should maybe stay with Talons idea and practice more.
  6. Just because you can,don't mean you should.With a 183 posts,you shouldn't have to ask.
    Whats your priority? 2 bulky firearms or a CCW and a easy to carry -any brand- firearm?
  7. moona11

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    CCW is great but she needs to refine her skills. She is just getting back into shooting. Its cheaper to practice with a HP to get the fundamentals down.
  8. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    A ccw that you aren't able to shoot accurately EVERYTIME AT A MOMENTS NOTICE is plain and simple dangerous to everyone around you.
    You lose enough skill in a panic situation, so if you aren't proficient with your skills youre not doing yourself any good.
    She has a C9 she can carry, she isnt unprotected. But if she isnt proficient she shouldn't be carrying in the first place yet.
    More than her life is on the line if she needs to use that weapon, she needs to be damn sure she's comfortable with it and able to use it 100% accurately and safely. That requires practice. Lots of it.
  9. All in all,its rare that a CCW comes into use.Its those moments when you wish you did,and you didn't.
  10. thundercroozer

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    Talon has the right idea in my opinion,, getting the 995TS,, and a bulk buy on ammo from some place like Freedom Munitions..
    Even getting a few extra mags would be a good idea,, can never have enough of them.
    And practice, practice, and the practice some more.
  11. jwright

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    I know how mary feels I'm just getting back into guns and so I bought a c9 cause its what I could afford. I figured it would be perfect for HD and that's what I was looking for. But now I'm looking at getting my CCW permit and today I put the C9 in the holster it came with on my hip and it was like having a cinder block strapped to my ass. So now I'm looking at getting a S&W Shield, or a kahr so I have something that I can carry and feel certain no one can tell.
  12. sarahsmom

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    I think your getting me mixed up with Mary B.! But yeah, exactly - the c9 is too heavy for ccw. I am thinking maybe I can buy the 995ts, some ammo, snd maybe just put a Taurus 738 tcp or 709 slim on layaway. If I go that route, I would go with the 709 slim. If I don't know of any time in the foreseeable future when I would have enough for s decent down payment. How is this for a plan, guys? BTW: I am a good shot - even after all these years - but yeah, the more practice the better!
  13. Bull****.Don't put nothing on layaway.You have $500,you carry.Taurus my rear end.Hi Point didn't make these handguns to hide away under a bed or in a closet.Or in a trunk.As many would want you to believe.
    We all don't wear spandex everyday or anyday.The .380 compact is a great shooter and fits well under loose clothes.My Sis in Law carries hers .She don't carry a purse in public .That .380 is on her at all times.You'd never know it.
  14. sarahsmom

    sarahsmom Supporting Member

    Do you know what kind of holster she uses, Bull? This is a lot of my problem. All my pants are knit, no jeans. The c9 I am afraid would just succumb to gravity and take my pants with it! (watch it, guys)(the remarks that is - not the pants!) Where was I again? :eek::eek::eek:
  15. jwright

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    sorry I did get you mixed up with Mary. But I to would like to know how to carry it. I put it on my hip with a paddle holster that came with it(I like the feel btw) and then put on a thick button up shirt over it and it was very obvious it was there. I don't want anyone knowing I have it on cause I will carry it everywhere except church, post office and fed buildings.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Get the 995TS, forward grip, buttstock mag holders. Bulk ammo like Talon said. Maybe get a $30 holographic site?

    Go fondle hand guns and plan ahead to get something lighter than the C9. Shield, M&P, Glock etc. Go to the range and ask to try other shooters guns. I offer all the time.

    Come to think of it the Taurus Milleniums, and the S&W SD9VE's get really cheap around Black Friday. Under $300 last year at the big box stores.

    Canik is another to look at.
  17. I'd go with a polymer framed single stack 9mm. And a 995TS. :D
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    I agree with Talon, get the 995TS , the bulk ammo, anda few spare magazines. The C9 is good enough for carry. I carry a CF380 almost every day in an Uncle Mike's holster.

    That has you covered defensively while you wait for your layaway to be paid out. I currently have the TCP and had the 709 Slim for about 2 years before trading it. IMHO the TCP is the best of the micro 380's, due in part to the last round hold open (personal preference) and shootability ( dosent sting the hand like the P3AT or the LCP does). My 709 Slim was flawless, the only reason it was traded was I just did not like the trigger.
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