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Discussion in 'Knife and Blade Forum' started by planosteve, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. planosteve

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    Want to get a good general purpose knife for my bug out vest. I am leaning towards a Ka-bar short classic. Due to state law blade cannot be longer than 5.5 inches. I like the leather grip and classic look. The reviews are good, so what do you all think?
  2. Rerun

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    I've enjoyed the Ka-Bars I've owned over the last five decades. They are my go to knives for every outdoor camping, hunting, and fishing event.

    And, the 7 inch model is almost as good a thrower as my Mauser bayonet was.


  3. lklawson

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    They're generally pretty good. The quality is there and if the style appeals to you, then that's bonus points.

    You may have to do a little sharpening. IMS, the "working edge" they come with is more of a Camp Knife edge. You probably wont' be skinning any squirrels with it.

    Peace favor your sword,
  4. planosteve

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    Sharpening is no problem. Can do that on a lazy afternoon.