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  1. twofless

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    :? NEED HELP I cant decide which carbine i should get first the 995 or the 4095 and what are the pro and cons of both I already own a hp 40 and a Taurus mill pro pt111 9mm :?: :? :?
  2. I don't see a down side to either carbine.... What caliber do you shoot the most? As you already buy ammo or maybe reload for both calibers, it's a toss up of what you would shoot the most. Also, consider what you'll be using the carbine for.

  3. twofless

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    I currently shoot about 200 rounds of both 9mm and 40 s&w when I go to the range I would use it for home defence along side my other 2 firearms and for recreational shooting.
  4. Well, that is a tough choice then... Both carbines are perfect for what you'll be using it for, so I guess at this point it boils down to preference.... I don't know what else to say.

    I have the 995 which is cheaper on ammo, but I will be getting a 4095 soon, so I will have both. If you could afford both, get them both... What is there to lose?
  5. If it's for HD, get the 4095. Bigger bullet = bigger hole in the bad guy :).
  6. Thayldt21

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    If cost of ammo is not a problem the 4095 is the way to go. However there is no aftermarket stock, just the factory.

    The 995 is cheaper to shoot and has the ati stock.
  7. twofless

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    Ive been leaning towards the 4095 just because it would share the same mags as my 40 but the 995 has alot more options for cosmetic upgrades I think I will have to talk to the wife into letting me get both
  8. Joe Sixpack

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    personally i like 9mm better, i consider .40 a bastard round only slightly more stoping power, more expensive, generally considered less accurate, capacity is'nt really a problem in this situation but usually less.. in carbine it might not be a big deal but snappier recoil in pistols..

    9mm imo best pound for pound pistol round out there.

    but as twofless pointed out it will share mags with the .40 hipoint if you have one.

    the 9mm carbine and pistol take different mags.

    9mm will be cheaper to shoot and probably about 10 bucks cheaper.
    you can put a ati stock on it if you so choose.
  9. 9mm for me!!!!! Cost of ammo!!!!! But if you want it for home defence and dont plan on shooting it all that often I say go for the 4095.
  10. twofless

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    whats the difference in stopping power between the 995 and the 4095 if its not that much of a difference ill probably go with the 995 just for the ability to upgrade to the ati stock if i later wish to do so I've seen some nice looking 995 with the ati stock on this forum :? O SO CONFUSED
  11. Joe Sixpack

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    actually twofless i was talking in general, im not sure what kind of stopping power you can expect out of each from a longer barrel such as these carbines..

    but in pistols assuming you're using a decent expanding bullet theres not a lot of difference between the 9mm and .40

    yes the .40 is always stronger just not by much, and there is a noticeably more snap to the recoil.. thats why i dont like it because i dont feel the cost, recoil and usually loss of capacity (although carbines are both 10round mags) over the 9mm warrants its slightly better stopping power..

    if i wanted something stronger then 9mm i'd leap frog the .40 and go for a .357 or .45

    but thats just my opinion i know a lot of people love the .40 cal

    i dont think you can really go wrong with either if you like .40 cal then get the 4095, if you dont mind 9mm get the 995 it's cheaper and ammo cost less.. you have ati stock option if you want..

    since you already have a hp .40 pistol you could share mags so that might be the most desirable for you.
  12. twofless

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    I want to thank everyone for their feed back on this matter I'm going to go with the 995 because I will be primarily using it at the range for some fun plinking and use my 40 cal for at home because its easier to go for a pistol then a rifle type weapon. :twisted:
  13. I think you are making the right choice. If you want to shoot alot the 9mm is the way to go. A .22 is about the only way you can go cheaper on ammo.
  14. unclerob

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    Just get them both.
    You will eventually anyway. :wink: