Need help cant make up my mind

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Which one should I get

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  1. 9mm

  2. .40 S&W

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  3. .45

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  1. Ok guys so I finally found a hi-point dealer that will order me a gun and this guy really knows his stuff but, just checked bank account and it wouldn't allow me to purchase one, something bout phone bill due :roll: so next week I Will be placing an order for one and cant make up my mind as to which one I want so maybe you guys can help me.
  2. Not knowing what else you own...... I vote 9MM

    - cheaper ammo, you'll shoot more
    - can eat defense ammo, so good protection
    - easier to carry if you so choose
    - won't make me jealous that you have a 45 and I don't

    :lol: :lol:

  3. as of now this will be the first gun I have ever owned but not first fired
  4. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    I agree fully with newskate9.

    And this is a very good beginner pistol. have fun and be safe.
  5. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    I vote C9 as well.
  6. Maverick

    Maverick Guest

    I'm the odd ball and picked the 40S&W.

    I had the C9, C9-Comp, and 40S&W pistols and the only one to function 100% out of the box was the 40. Even if I got extra mags for the 40, they just worked without any tweaking. The C9 and C9-Comp had to be tweaked and worked with just get them to function well. The 40 was much more enjoyable and I would say far more reliable like the 995.
  7. 9mm is the cheapest and gets my choice.
  8. billybybose

    billybybose Guest

    I vote c-9 cause its easier to carry if your gonna ccw.If your not gonna carry the 9mm is still cheaper
  9. I have the .380 and the 9mm. I vote 9mm. Its powerfule nough and the ammo is cheaper. 9mm rocks!
  10. rdhood

    rdhood Member

    If bank account is a problem , then C9. You want to be able to afford to shoot... and shoot... and shoot some more. C9 is the cheapest of the HPs to shoot on a long term basis. If you have a reloading setup for any of the other calibers, then this point is moot. But it sounds like you dont, so go for 9mm
  11. rdhood I was thinking about the 9mm but years ago I was the unfortunate victim of a break in lucky I was up getting a glass of water at 3am when a guy broke in the front door and all I had was a knife to fight with and he was armed with a 9mm long story short I fight the guy and had to unfortunately shoot him and after taking 2 in the chest he still was able to fight and run away but later collapsed and the police found him and he lived but I hate to sound harsh but he should have died. :( Now my mother lives with me I take security very seriously now.
  12. ab4ka

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    I'll jump in with the 9mm crowd (since that's the one I own and I love it) with one caveat...I'm assuming you'll be using it for plinking and self defense (if necessary). If it were more for defense and less for plinking I'd get the .45. Yes, ammo costs twice as much, but if you should ever have to use it, the hole it puts in the bg will be twice as big. My C9 is solely a plinker. My home defender and ccw is a Taurus PT145. Can't go wrong with 10+1 of .45ACP.
  13. Im going to vote C9 i love my c9 to death. Just to be clear you shot the guy that broke in to your place with his gun? Who took two in the chest?
  14. 9mmXfactor

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    i voted c9 as well. mine is very dependable right out of the box.

    not to mention if you ever get a carbine to match (995) you can stock up on 1 kind of ammo.

    not that it has many, but the carbine is also "upgradable" (if you ever decide to get one).
  15. rockcrawlerdude yes I shot the guy that broke in with his own gun
  16. For the house, I have my 9mm hi power next to bed on her side, and the 995 on mine. The only reason I chose 9mm for the house, is due to the 13 rd mags for the browning. I figure my wife will need every one of those rounds. Plus the recoil is more manageable than the jhp. My car gun is the .45. I will eventually buy another jhp for the nightstand as well as the car. because i like the larger wound cavity of the .45.
    So my vote was for the .45
  17. I have all 3 pistols, and I would go with the 9mm as an intro. The other 2 you have to be really conscious in controlling your limp wrist or they will jam. The 9mm is not near as bad in that aspect.
  18. jamephipp

    jamephipp Guest

    Depends on the use

    Typically I carry a 9mm, a 38 special and a hi point 45 Concealed when I go to the big city. Choice of cal depends on situation and ease of access to pistol, and surroundings.
    If your going in to firearms for plinking then the 9mm is the choice though ammo is cheaper also. The 45 is one shot (if ya hit the target) and one kill. 45 shot with 200 Grain jhp from 75 yards at water melon no water melon just rhine.
  19. A lot of what I've read says that the .40 S&W is an excellent choice for HD purposes, as it hit's harder than a 9mm, but doesn't have the same recoil issues as the .45. As to actually experience with any of the rounds, I have none; nor could I speak to the cost of any of them (though 9mm would appear to be the cheapest of the three). That's just my 2 cents. Be sure to post a pick when you get your pistol!