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The one on the left, still in one piece.

some # and initials here, probably have to enlarge

more initials

Hopefully more clues

More clues

I have a few more pics, but none with letters or numbers. Much of the machining work is by hand. Jim <>< ps I will be in TN for the next week, so no rush.

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Oh, you found my old shotgun, my initials are JB and I carved them in there one day when I went back in time. If you wanna send it to me I'll gladly take it back :)

hahaha just kidding :p

JB Cooper maybe? I also found some information on JB Ronge double barrels, but they look a lot more elegant with the woodwork than this one does. It's probably some variant on the old Belgian imported double barrel 12g from the late 1800s. I got to play with one a while back. They generally have damascus barrels and aren't safe to shoot modern loads out of. Black powder only. Generally they don't seem to be worth much unless you find somebody that collects those old guns. The one I got to mess with was branded "Smithdeal Taylor" and I was never able to find ANY information at all about them on the Internet.
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