Need help stripping a Colt Huntsman.

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    Hey guys, I inherited a .22 Colt Huntsman, but have not shot yet I did not because I can't for the life of me figure out how to field strip it.
    There is a pic on line of a guy holding it, and explaining it but man, its not so easy to understand.
    I have a plunger on the back near the rear site, that if I push will act like the
    decocker? but it allow the slide to sort of slide back and forth with no spring tension., until you press it again. Then it reverts back to normal? Weird piece but nice. I have to figure out how to strip it before I can fire it so any help is appreciated.
    yes I will have pics up when I get my new USB cable, kids broke it, so please keep that foul mouthed drill Sargent to yourself for a day or two. LOL
    Ok so I guess I deserve R. Lee Ermey's wrath till I get the pics.
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