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Need help with a generator

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I have a brand new Duromax XL13000 duel fuel (gas and propane) generator. It will start just fine, but then it runs as if the choke is open and shuts off in about two minutes. The instruction book that came with it is....incomplete. No where does it tell you to look for a gas shut off, but there is one and it comes closed. Yeah, I found it but only because I knew to look for one. I can't find a choke. I know my push mower doesn't have one (or a manual throttle, for that matter) so maybe it's an auto choke? So, before I call Arnold Attitude in Commifornia (already had the pleasure once) I figured I'd ask here. Loads of experience with all kinds of engines. Any suggestions?
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You guys got the full house Generac ones. I've got a small 4000w Harbor Freight special. Don't laugh. Last winter 2021 we had 'Snowmageddon' here in Dallas and were without power for about 4-5 days. Kept one reefer, tv/internet access, and misc lights going. The rest of the neighborhood (I live in the 'burbs) were all mad at me because I was the only one prepared. One asked how did I live with the sound when it was inside all night. LOL.
No shame in that genny. My mother lives in Hampstead, NC and they bought a medium sized one for hurricane season and I wired it in to their breaker box with the appropriate plugs, breakers, and lockout. As long as they don't exceed the rated Amps, they can pick and choose whatever they need to power up. They can even run their HVAC system if they want to, and they have. A couple of neighbors even joked to ask when I was coming back in to town to install theirs.
It is a non-portable stationary unit that (originally) had to be lugged wherever it was needed. I secured it to an 18"x12" movers dolly. Viola' - portable generator. Would run easily all day on one tank.
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Why do you need a generator to keep your reefer going? Do you have an electric bong?
Well, we actually have 4 refrigerators. Two in the house and 2 in the garage. My wife runs a small candy company and we need them to store ingredients that need to stay cold. My reefer madness days are over.
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