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    I got a Hi point 9mm compact pistol I want a laser sight for it but i do not like the compensator But not sure it will even work on my gun. I also heard the ones that mount to the trigger get bumped and dont work too well can anyone tell me if i have any other options.
  2. Hi there, welcome to the fold and congrats on your new gun - PICTURES please !!!!! :lol: :lol:

    I've not seen an application of a laser on the non-comp 9C - the trigger guard mounts we sort of don't like cause they are cheaper and can go off pretty easily.

    Perhaps a question first - why do want a laser? I used to think they were cool but the more I practiced and with a little light, or some type of night sites, I'm not in need anymore. Others can chime in here, but my input is practice like nuts first and get your grip / aiming down. Then see how you feel about that laser.

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    well the main reason is because i need to get used to a pistol with a lazer and light on it my future prof. is law enforcement and particular s.w.a.t. can you even mount thr comp. on the gun that did not come with one
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    If you have the c9, you can not mount a compensator on it. The 9 comp comes with the compensator and a rail for attachment of a laser, light, spoon, etc... It also has a longer barrel than the c9. You don't have too many options without the rail. The trigger guard might be your best option. If you really want a laser, just buy a 9 comp and put a laser on it. Then you'll have two HPs. : )