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    Ok need some help from you guys. I have a co-worker whom im good freinds with away from the work. I shoot with him and our wives hang out alot. However when it comes work time, (he helped me get my job 9 months ago) i end up babysitting him ALOT. I work in the amusment and gaming industry and sometimes a route requires two people to move equipment and such. However in the last couple months ive been on almost every route with him and usually end up doing most of his work, usually so i can be home by a decent time. He is seemingly incapable of keeping work and home seperate. He spend literal hours on the phone with family and personal buisnress while i do his work. There are service items on his route that have sat undone for months because he either doesnt want to do them or "forgets" parts. A couple weeks ago he stuck me with a 2 hour cashout job while he chatted on the phone with some relative about computer parts.

    Another thing that drives me bananas is the guy talks a huge game but when it comes to the nut cuttin' shirks out. (example, he claimed to know all there is to know about recovering pool tables "Oh yeah i used to do that all the time" and was going to be our lead man on that but when it came time to actually DO a slate he blew it off for various reasons until another guy showed me how to do it and i do them ALL now because he says he has other things to do).

    He'll try to be a suck-up for a littel while after screwing me over on large jobs but it happens over and over as time goes by.

    My question is how do i get the guy to do his job without destroying a good freindship, or get the boss to do the same? I dont want to be a snitch cuase ive gotten burned by them in the past, and the guy has no ability to take criticism without getting pissed. this is a top tier job where i live and im not quitting for anything but its getting to the point where burnout is looking like a real possibility. Im pushing 50 hr+ weeks (hes doing the same but sitting on his butt most of the time while i work) and its starting to become a problem with my family as well. If the jackass would do his job we cold be home by normal times at night. Now im getting home anywhere from 7-10PM at night at least two or three days a week.

    Other workers have told me i do a very good job and take it easy or im going to burn myself out. Yet anytime im not on the schedule he calls the boss and comes up with an excuse as to why he needs me along. My own routes are starting to suffer because im so freaking tired from working his routes by the time i get to them.

    Any help here boys?

  2. Find a way to take time off or not go on his routes. That's the best and only way. After a while he'll either get fired for not keeping up with his work, or he'll start learning how to do it himself. You're a crutch; either he'll learn to walk without ya or he'll get left behind.

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    If he is really a friend, tell him exactly how you feel first. If he doesnt repond in a positive manner, then ask your supervisor to be taken off routes with him and explain why. You say he is a good friend, but a good friend wouldnt leave all the burden on you.
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    Bummer at work SW, sorry to hear that a friend has taken advantage of a generous friend/coworker. The easiest way to fix it is to spit the duties, because leading by example doesn't work with this guy. If it were me, personally, I'd tell him at work our friendship is a professional one, not a personal one. If he doesn't understand that, you can always micro-manage him until he can Think and Do for HIMSELF. After a while He should be really tired of being a go-fer.
    Good luck however you go about this, but a real friend wouldn't put 75% of the load on you.
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    im beginning to see that a friend isnt always a friend.

    strangerous- the guy is incapeable of leaving home at home and work at work. If i say anything to that effect he gets whiney. The boss caves to this guy and gives him what he wants if he works him a little. Im going to give it time and drop a few hints to other co-workers i trust to the effect of whats going on. ivwe already given another coworker i trust implicitly the whole story and he said let him hang out to dry.

  6. Sounds like you are his friend, but I can't say he is yours. All I can tell you is this. People can only walk on you, wipe their feet on you, or take advantage of you if you let them. In this case you are letting him. I understand this is hard as you feel he is a friend. But if this job is that "good" why risk your livelihood and job enjoyment for some butt pucker that is sucking it out of you? As they say in the movies, "off with his head!" Not really. Just tell him straight out what bugs you. If he gets bent he gets bent. His loss not yours.
  7. SW there are friends and there are users. Big difference. Its a shame that your wives get along, and you are shooting buddies, but this guy is riding on your shirt tail and will continue to do so as long as you let him.

    I would talk to him before going to the boss, but if I had to I would go to the boss. Its not snitching if its the truth and you are the one being screwed over

    Good luck and let us know how it works out.
  8. Refuse to go out with him on his route.I know the drill I have been there.If your boss ask why, tell him.Or just tell your supposed to be friend if he would like to just stay home and you will run it by yourself.Because it sounds like your allready doing that.
    Mabey you could ask for doubletime as you are doing two mens work already.
    Friends like that are not friends at all.
    Good Luck.
  9. Those 2 problems right there would be enough reason for you not to go on his route with him. But I would just tell him your route needs to be done and if you get done in time you'll call him to see if he needs help. (Of course make sure you take your time if you can).
  10. Let him sink or swim. Tell your mutual boss that your routes have been lagging because you've been helping so-an-so too much. Tell him that you really need to concentrate on your routes. Put it in the form of 'I've been falling behind and it's partly my fault.' Not those words, but that body language. He will respect you for your honesty and then your 'friend' will either have to sink or swim. I wouldn't out right refuse to go with him because then it would look bad on you from both parties. Talk to your boss without your 'friend' around about YOUR routes and how they've been lagging. Also mention that the late nights are taking a toll on your home life and you feel you are maybe starting to burnout. If your boss is human and approachable at all he will understand.
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    It could be a case of burn-out, where he just can't focus on work. It could be stress causing a similar behavior.

    On the other hand, he may just be that way and have always been that way.

    I don't see anything wrong with bringing him aside and mentioning your concern about his work ethc. That you are his friend and want to bring this up because it is obvious to you and it is only a matter of time before it becomes apparant to management - at which time it could cost him his job and you would not want that. From there, you can then lead into the fact that this is also creating more work for you. That you have been OK with it as you are his friend and figured he was having some issues and you wanted to be there for him. However, there is only so much covering you can do and you have some concerns that continuing this could put YOU in jeopardy and that you cannot take that risk indefinately.

    If he doesn't change his ways after that, then he is no friend and is simply being a selfish SOB and you need to find a way to gently raise the issue with management.
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    After today im having a "chat" with the boss on friday when he is off. Yet again i get hung out ot dry while he shoots the breeze with the business owner and watches me work. At this point i can give a rip if i piss him off or not. he bailed at 4:45 and left me with a full truck to unload by myself ( i left a message at his desk he can unload it himself in the morning), plus i still have catch up work to do for my own route that didnt get done yesterday because i was babysitting him. therefore i didnt get home till 6:30 (consequently making the wife mad cause i missed supper).

    Im simply going to tell the boss that im not going on his routes any more until he learns that his job doesnt include 45 minute personal phone calls while i do your job and while talking with the buisness owner is important that doesnt mean you dump your work on me so you can stand and BS.

    Another thing that pissed me off ROYALLY is the guy thinks the sun rises on this stupid palm treo phone he has. The boss told us to write everything we need to do and service items and such in small pocket notebooks we carry so we know whats going on. works fine for everybody but him. he needed to buy this phone so he can sit a play with it and put all his to do stuff in it. which is fine until he forgets to to put it in or take it back out. I hauled a frickin' dart target (35 pounds of wood trim and loose plastic sections for a coin-op dart board for the unknowing) 125 fricking miles to a location and when i get there, " oh we decided we didnt want that. We told the other guy." I swept that one under the rug because i was foolish enough to make the trip without asking him about it. It was on the board to do and i was headed in the right direction so i did it.

    As a side question, if you are allowed to send/recive personal phone calls at work, how often do you recive them and how long do they last? My wife usually calls once so she knows when ill be home ofr supper, and thats a minute or two at the most. Hes been getting 6-8 calls per day and they last anywhere from 5 min to 2 hours.

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    My line of work allows me more liberty with phone calls, since they don't interfere with my job. However, for all the other jobs I've had, it's been like you said, 2 min. if someone needs to tell you something, or ask you something. 1-2 times a day. If there's an emergency that requires your immediate attention, take the rest of the day off, or take an early lunch to take care of it.

    Otherwise, you work while you're at work, and avoid personal matters beyond the bare minimum. This is pretty commonly accepted and understood. I'd imagine that your company has a policy on the matter, if you know where to look.
  14. people like that exist because people like you exist that will carry him.
    stop carrying him and force him to carry his own load and he will change.
    as long as he knows you will do his work he will continue to use you. good luck.
  15. Good luck SW, and remember, even if that is a great job, you were looking when you found it so............
  16. You need to call in with an excuse and go shoot your Hi Points for the week!
    No, really, problems at work?! You mean I'm not the only one who has to "babysit" these kind of workers (IF that's what you want to call them) too??!! :roll:
    NEVER get a job with a "friend"
    Saw You comin'
    Good luck.......
  17. My wife and I usually text about a total of 10 short messages while I'm actually working. I'm not allowed to take calls while 'on the floor,' not even supposed to text really. I get 2 breaks and 1 lunch during an 8 hour day and I call on all of them if I don't forget. I work at the airport as a Federal Screening Officer and 'the floor' is the screening checkpoint or baggage screening area. I tell my wife that if she has an emergency to call me, hang up and call right back. That's our signal for, 'I need to talk to you ASAP!'
  18. i agree with the majority opinion that the guy is taking advantage of your work ethic and your friendship. If the friendship is true, there must be something going on with him that causes him to behave in this way.

    Honesty is the best policy. Something like, "Hey [insert name her], we're good friends right? I'm really bugged about something, and I have just have to get it off my chest....." is always a good start.
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    As for personal calls at work, I work for a corporation that does not have a hard and fast policy. Basic rule is that calls should not be disruptive nor negatively impact your work unless the call is a personal *emergency*.

    What your friend is doing is defrauding the company, plain and simple. He is misrepresenting what he is doing and taking money for work he is not performing. Sounds like reasonable grounds for immediate termination - at least if I was the manager.
  20. OK SW.... Full Report on what happened Friday.

    You may need to burn this friendship by discussing everything with this guy. Who knows maybe he'll wake up to what an arse he been to you and act like a responsible adult. Man.... I feel sorry for you having to deal with something like this. It's a tough one!!!