Need help with reloading dies.

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    As the subject suggests, I need help figuring out how to remove the decapping pin/clamp from my .223 full length sizer die. I own a set of Lee's carbide .223 dies and unfortunately loaded up some ammo that is expanded at the base and won't fit the chamber properly. I got the brass from my brother-in-law and it was already deprimed so I assumed (first mistake) that he had also resized it.

    My plan, since I have 500 rounds loaded up (second mistake), was to remove the decapping pin from the die and simply resize the brass loaded instead of removing every single bullet with a bullet puller, ruining all of my primers, and then starting the whole process over.

    I've attempted to remove the decapper several times, but it seems stuck. They are factory new and have never been abused.

    Any advice? Heating the dies up? Is it reverse threaded? I've never removed the decapper from my full length sizers but it's proving to be quite difficult as compared to my collet sizer.

  2. torque, and lots of it. Those things are tough to get loose.

    I'm not sure that your idea will work, but its worth a shot.

  3. Don't try it.

    Its not that its unsafe,its that you will run into problems.

    I know from experience.

    When I first started loading, we were loading 50 rounds of 45acp.

    We did all the steps except that we flared the case mouth too much so the crimping die would not crimp (hit the edge of the flare).

    So I got the great idea of "lets just run the already seated bullets in the resizing/decapping die without the decapper pin and that will straighten out the walls so I could crimp.

    The problem ends up being that when you resize the brass with the bullets in place, it squishes the bullets too so that they end up being VERY loose. Like you coudl then push the bullet down with your fingertip after they were resized.

    You coudln't crimp them right because the bullets would slip down into the brass when you were trying to crimp them.

    What I could figure out was that when you resized the brass with the bullets, the lead bullets would take the smaller size no problem but the brass being a thin metal bounces back a tiny bit. So the brass was a minuscule amount larger than the now resized bullets allowing them to move too freely.

    Pull the bullets. Get a collet bullet puller like the RCBS. Much easier to use than the hammer pullers.
  4. If I remember correctly, the 45acp bullet is supposed to be about .452 in diameter, after I resized the brass with the bullets, the bullets ended up being about .443-.445 in diameter.

    I had to "knurl" them to reuse them after that mess.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I'm still going to remove the decapper because I don't really want to waste those 500 primers (my budgets tight right now). I'll get my brother-in-laws bullet puller and 'bite the bullet' and redo all of them.

  6. Oh yeah, I would definitely remove the decapping pin, no need on wasting perfectly good primers.

    But this way you can save both the bullets and the primers.
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    unscrew the top of the die and remove the collet that holds the decapping pin in. The collet is TIGHT and generally requires a vise and large ratchet to get loose. The pin just floats inside the collet and should come right out once you get the collet loose.