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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by BadMonk, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Hey, I took my 995 carbine apart for the first time. Wanted to see what the internals looked like...and if anything obvious needed attention. While tinkering with motorcycles is my thing, not so much weapons.

    Anyhow after putting the trigger assembly and stuff back together, something wasn't quite right. Search came close to helping but not really.

    Is the end of the lever (trigger sear?) out of place? Is a piece missing?


  2. SWAGA

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    Welcome to the club....;)
    This has happened now I don't know how many times, me included lol.
    I don't have a carbine but I have a JHP. Took me an hour to figure out what was wrong.
    From the pictures I can't see what's not lining up but this video may be of help


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    Did you remove the small flat plate cover that was spot welded on? I did that & was unable to attach it back. I ended up sending it back to MoM for repair. And that is NOT a bad thing if you have to send it back. She will repair & update all your outdated thing in side your gun. It cost me $10.74to send back to the factory through USPS.
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    The bar connected to the trigger is on the wrong side of the sear cam. A C-9 showing how they should align.

  5. Thank you, one and all. I didn't want to get in over my head or bend something by accident. It's back together now with the joey trigger and a little polishing on the action to maybe smooth things out. Thanks again!
  6. That's some good information, just in case. It sounds a lot like SCCY and their customer service. Top notch.
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    Yes they are very similar, I also have a SCCY!
    I have called & sent so many guns back to MoM, she knows me on a 1st name basis!!!
  8. LOL...great minds and all that...LOL!:D
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    You meant UPS, right?
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    No, he changes the light bulb under his ffl ' s desk and gets a discount.
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