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    Hello all, I am new to the forums and kinda new to hi points as well. I have a c9 9mm that I keep beside my bed for HD just in case, however this gun is way to heavy for me to use for my conceal carry piece. I am the only working person in the family with two kids under 3 years so money is really tight with us (thank God hi point gets this) I am looking to buy a small ccw gun and my funds limit the choice to either the Jimenez ja 380(139.00) Cobra Denali 380(129.00) or Phoenix Arms hp22a (139.00) I would rather have a 9mm to carry but money and size/weight limit my choices to those guns. I know that rimfire isnt the best choice for a ccw firearm and 380 ammo is not as cheap as 9mm (though its cheaper now then a year ago @17.99/50 rounds) Of those 3 firearms what would be your recommendations, I dont expect it here but please I know that I can get better for 200-300 and so on but I just cant afford to that now or anytime in the next 6 months as I am moving next month and that will drain most of my extra money. I tried to carry the c9 and I can if i have to but its not very concealed nor comfortable and I will end up leaving it in the car more then having it on me. I know the jennings/raven/davis story and I have seen the reviews that call the cobra/jimenez complete junk but they said that about Hi point too and thats just completely untrue, i would have no problem betting my life on my c9 that thing is a tank and has over 500 rounds shot thru it with only a few ftf/fte when i first bought it and before break in. Since then its been flawless and shoots the critical defense jhp ammo like butter. I am hoping for some honest comments to help as I tend not to believe that the cobra/jimenez is going to self destruct in my held, else they wouldnt be in business and would probably been in jail for that. Thank you all very much for the help and God bless
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    Of those, the Phoenix is the only one i even consider a firearm. The other 2 are just pure garbage. I own a Phoenix and can vouch for its reliability, but its not what i would feel safe with in a CCW weapon. Your best bet it to save your money until you can afford a quality gun, 9mm at the least that feels good in your hand and holds at least 10 rounds.

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    Believe the stories that you have heard on the Jemeniz, have one, all it does is collect dust as a paperweight on my desk.
    As for the Cobra Denali seen 2 different people at the range with them, neither would run a full mag without a ftf. Don't know if they were new or old.
    The only Cobra's that I have seen reliable is my wifes Shadow (had to have it cause it was a cute shade of pink:rolleyes:) but were talking a 38sp wheel gun,, the only problem was with ejecting fired cases(minor fix) and the 22mag derringer that I have.
    Also have a Phoenix Arms 22 and 25,, both very reliable,, the 22 I carry as a back up,, would I primary carry either,, questionable,, if it was the only gun I had at the time,, yes. As they say better than nothing.
    Even though the c9 is heavy,, and can be hard to conceal,, its still a far better option in my opinion.

    Just a thought the empty weight of the c9 and the .380 are the same according to the website,, at 29oz. Don't know the loaded weight of the .380 but it should be a lighter,, maybe that would be an option for you.
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    I have attempted to ccw the c9 and it didnt work the best, however my biggest issue with that is if i go to work/store or out somewhere without the wife and take the c9 I will be leaving her defenseless at home. The c9 and cf380 are almost identical in weight when loaded, i doubt an ounce between the two difference. May have to go with the 22lr then. I went today and looked at both the ja380 and the cobra, both are considerably smaller then the cf380 and about half the weight but you can tell they are made cheaper too. The slide on the jimenez didnt look too bad though, i believe that is closer to steel then the zamack but I could be wrong, the internals however feel cheap. Ugh I know waiting is the best option for a good gun but it will take me at least 6 months before I can add anything to what i have now and thats if nothing falls apart or breaks down between now and then. I had really hoped that the jimenez would be a decent if ugly gun and that they had come at least some way since jennings ran them. I never wanted to ccw a 22lr but guess its the best option for now. I know my wife if i dont get something next week, that money I have saved so far will get recycled into something else we need in the house, never fails. I really wish hipoint would make a smaller gun, the 380 shouldnt be as big as the 9mm....theres nothing 'compact' about those guns.
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    Save up, $300 buys a much better used pistol! $329 bought me a brand new Walther PK380!
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    Im in the same boat but what I plan on doing is using my C9 until I can get something like a Taurus 709, a S&W Shield or a kahr or someone can show me a good way to carry my c9 without it being very obvious
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    $300 could get a brand new kel tec p11.
    Paid 299.99 even for mine a year or so ago
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    Yeah if i had 300 to spend i would go with the sccy 9mm cpx-2, really like that gun a lot and it seems to be good quality, but thats just not in the cards for me. I know if i could save up money that it would be better but thats not something i can do. Its rare that I am able to buy anything but the basics. It took me several months just to come up with enough to replace my tv that died and my new one was just 199.99. Money is tight with us, both kids are still in diapers, rent, tv/internet, heck we even dropped our contract cell and just use tracfone now to make that as cheap as possible. I got an extra payday this month and getting a 2nd pistol has been on my radar for months now. Ive scouted the local pawn shops around here along with the facebook gun sale sites and found pretty much nothing i can afford. Most of the pawn shops here start around 250 for their used decent guns which is nearly as much as the sccy 9mm is. Guns in this area are expensive anymore, heck the c9 is selling for 179.99 bottom dollar at one gun/pawn shop, most others its 199/229. I found one rossi 38 special used and they want 299 for it. its around 350 new. I wish saving or adding some money was possible but its taken me months just to get to where i can buy something for around 150, however thats all that I have around here. I looked at some videos for the denali and for the most part after some tlc most people say its pretty good as long as you use ball fmj ammo, i figure that critical defense will run also as my c9 doesnt like nothing but ball ammo but eats the hornady like candy. Its not gonna be a range gun, ill FS it, clean and oil it, maybe fluff and buff some of the simple stuff, run about 100 rounds of ball and a box of hornady to make sure it feeds good, then only run a few rounds a month. My c9 is my range gun, love that thing that is when i can shoot, which isnt very often even with 9mm being cheap (though the upside to buying the 22 is that the bullets are cheap here, 4.99 for 50 at LGS and 2.79 at walmart when they have them) hmm maybe ill end up with the 22lr anyway. I got until thursday to decide and I am still looking for something better just in case. So between the Jimenez or the denali which one, humor me on that i know its like choosing between dirt pie and mud pie but still...
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    One of the older FIE Titan 2s are nice. I own a few, you should be able to get one on Auction Arms pretty cheap (150...ish). Theyre a single stack .380, Beretta open slide style. Dual safeties, thin and pretty decent overall. All steel pistol.

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    Looks like around 189ish for that plus shipping and ffl fee would bring me to way over 200 my top dollar is 160 total for gun ammo and holster. Just cant swing it but looks like a really nice gun. *sigh I hate eastern KY, we dont have many jobs here, i make 9.00 an hour and i work security plus work in IT on computers too. Anywhere else I would make 15+ an hour but this area is mostly people who dont wanna work and just lay back and draw a check. Wife used to work but then we had 2 kids and now she is full time at home with them so its left to me, this is the best paying job ive had around here and the best ive made since i lived in cincinnati OH 15 years ago. Wanna move but cant, stuck in that rut for years now.
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    Don't know the laws in your area but if permitted, have you considered open carry? Weight shouldn't matter much when you aren't trying to hide it.
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    Yes KY is a gold star gun state, open carry is legal in all counties in the state and can not be altered or changed by any laws according to the wording on the ky bill of rights, however that might draw a bit too much attention to someone say shopping in walmart with a 9mm strapped to their side and even though its legal i really dont wanna have a run in with local law enforcement everytime i buy gas. I do open carry at work if i have to be outside on another site or have to leave the building but thats it and I am usually alone here and work nights. On a side note after digging into the jimenez story im gonna stay from here to mars from them, seems those things are like carrying a unpinned grenade around with you. Hard to believe that the fed. government will allow them to sell those. The range accident in FL convinced me, dont wanna be ccw a 380 and shoot the server from my back pocket while eating at applebees. Looking more and more like the 22 is the best bet, but that denali still interests me. Anyone own a cobra denali 380 that can give me first hand info on it.
  13. I say go with the Phoenix

    I don’t know if you’ve done any reading over on the BJJA forum, it’s a small group of regulars with others who randomly pop in and out. Anyway, they’re a bunch of cheap gun nuts (and, yeah, I’m one of ‘em). There are a couple of really good posts over there regarding the gun companies you’re looking at. I suggest you pay particular attention to those made by David Vincent, he probably has bought more zamak pistols than anyone I know.

    His second post in this link sums it up for Cobra: “They’re a mess.”

    Regarding zamak pistols in .380 / 9mm, this post covers it well.
    Only the bigger zamack guns (i.e. Hi-Point CF380, Jimenez LC380) truly hold up over time.

    But you're not looking for a bigger gun, you said you want smaller. So, as to the guns you mention you are considering, I would go with the Phoenix. Just remember to use STANDARD velocity .22 ammo in it. This means a lot of the bulk .22 ammo out there isn’t the right stuff for the gun. Yeah, the HP-22 will shoot high velocity stuff but shooting a lot of it could lead to a crack in the frame or slide. Phoenix understands their gun’s limitations (the HP22 has a definite weak spot in the frame) and that’s why they tell you to use the lower powered ammo.

    Another issue people have with the HP22 are the multiple “lawyer designed” safeties. There is a lot of info on the Internet on how to deal with them. The safeties on my HP22s are 100% in place. YMMV.

    I have an older HP22 (it’s so old it has a different trigger and the gun has steel pins holding the components in it instead of the roll pins) and it has been 100% reliable – no cracks at all. I also have a newer HP22 that I literally built up from spare parts I acquired off Gunbroker. Both my HP22 pistols have been completely reliable and they digest any ammo I feed it – even rounds that my other guns have failed to fire.

    As others have mentioned, you may also want to look at used pistols. If product warranty is a concern, be aware that not every firearm manufacturer is as generous as Hi-Point is when it comes to repairs on second hand guns.

    Good luck with your decision!
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    I know what it's like to play the low budget game. Let me expand your horizons a bit.

    I use a Taurus 738 for CCW. It's a 6 + 1 .380 ACP that weighs 10.2 ounces empty and slips discreetly into an Uncle Mike's pocket holster. The ones I've had have been flawless with 6 different brands of ammo. You can find stainless ones on Gunbroker all day long for around $175 plus shipping. You'll also have to pay your local FFL a transfer fee.

    Used H & R 622/922 (.22 LR) and 732/733 (.32 Smith & Wesson Long) snubbies are cheap, accurate and dependable. I have picked them up for $100 to $150, although people can and do pay more.
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    NE Utah
    The Taurus 738 is around $200, on sale here for $169. Better than all those, and a $10 pocket holster makes it an easy carry.
    But ammo isn't the cheapest.

    The CZ 82 was $200, in 9X18, it's in between the 9 and .380, but ammo can be hard to find in some places.

    I just bought a used Taurus PT140 for $179 with 2 mags, it's a pretty slim double stack .40. Keep your eyes open, hit the pawn shops, and you may find a decent gun at a decent price.
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    IMHO, I would just buy another C9. That way you and your wife each had one, you have commonality between ammo. In the long run, I think it will be the cheapest. I carry my CF380 in an Uncle Mike's holster. It conceals well with a cover garment.

    Of the guns you mentioned, I thinkI would go with the Denali. The one person I know who has one is happy with it. It runs well from what I have seen. I have a HP25A and am fond of it. It runs well also. I chose the 25 over the 22 because of possible firing pin issues. Don't want to have to count rounds. There is an aftermarket magazine follower that provides LRHO on the 22 though.
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    I pocket carry a 738 in a Blackhawk holster. Mine is the BSS model, but you can find the FS model for under $200 new.

    The H&R 's are a food find if the price is right, less than $200. They made a nice little model in 32H&R magnum also, will also shoot 32S&W and 32S&W long. H&R-s are collectable though, so a clean one can bring $300 plus. The newer ones also had a majnspring strut with a plastic end that is prone to breakage. Can be replaced with an earlier version all metal one for about $30.
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    I live in N.C., an open carry state,, I am 6' 2 300+,, with a ccp,, I carry a full size 1911 everyday, the only really way for me to carry concealed is IWB,, don't really care for that.. So I carry OWB shirt covered,, which depending on the shirt leaves a nice print,, or getting out of my truck tends to have the shirt ride up and leave me showing,, have only been hasseled once by a security guard,, at the bank,, when he didn't see that I slid it into the lock box under the seat,, when I got out of the truck. The police here may give me a once over,, but i've never been approached by one.
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    Big Daddy! Is that why they call you Thunder Croozer? :D
    My "little" cousin, (well, youngest:D) is 6'5 and 325# :cool: