Need new rear sights

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    Last night after firing 100 rds through the .40 I have determined that I need new rear sights. I believe the rear set is too close together, and the main cause of my eyes to become blurry. I fired a friends Kimber and the rear sights are wide and I had no problem after firing a few shots. I plan on doing competition Action Pistol with this gun, and I need something easier on my eyes. Are their any bolt-in rear sights for our guns, or do I need to drill these out and install the optic ones?
  2. Have you thought about taking some sandpaper or a dremmel tool to the sight to widen it alittle

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    I hate to tell you it is not the gun, your just getting old :wink:
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    Thought about it, but since it's plastic I could probally cut it with a razor blade. I just didn't know if anyone made aftermarket sights that would fit our guns without some modification.
  6. No aftermarket sights that I am aware of, have you tried the optional factory rear peep sight to see how you like it?
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    Yea, I just tried to see if it would help. I actually think it made it worse, lol. Went back to the regular rear sights. Maybe if I feel rambunctious tomorrow I will try cutting some of the plastic off and making it a bit bigger.
  8. Before you do anything permanent, take a red Sharpie and fill-in the front sight. If you like what you see, the next step is to go to a hobby store and get some flouresent(sp?) modeling paint and using a toothpick, dab a small droplette into the front sight. Of course you can do the same with the rear sight and use the color of your choice. The human eye picks-up color contrast easier than spacial relationships.

    My favorite pistol I've shot to date is a Sig 9mm. The sights used a single square dot f&r, and you simply placed the front dot on top of the rear dot. I immediately having never held the gun before, emptied a full mag into an 8" group at 30 feet, much to the amazement of the owner.

    Sometimes it IS better to be lucky than good.