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  1. Did my round of the local shops and found some interesting deals...Firestorm 9mm 13+1 Evil Black (compact)= $335 pre tax. I am in love and would love some feedback in regards to value versus price...I know they are similar to Bersa if not one in the same just different names...heres what she looks like...

    Also I found a Taurus PT92 AF...Evil Black 9mm for $330 pre tax...

    I am just curious if these sound like good deals...I am heavily in the market for a 9mm....I have a Bersa Thunder .380 and love it...the build and quality is amazing...I would ideally wait and save up for the SA XD9 but considering that these are both about $180 cheaper I might not be able to pass them up...both are new-in-box....HELP! :?
  2. Either of those two guns would be excellent buys. I have shot a couple of the Bersa Thunder 9 UC's but not the Fireatorm. The Bersa's were fantastic shooters and accurate too. I also own a Bersa Thunder 380 and would have no hesitation in buying a Bersa/Firestorm product.

    A friend had a Taurus PT92 and it was 100% every time we went shooting togather. I have owned several Taurus auto pistols over the years and never once had a complaint with them.

    I think the Firestorm would be a little better at conceal carry than the Taurus but you cant go wrong with either pistol. Mag prices for both is a bit steep and thats the only complaint I ever had with Bersa or Taurus pistols.

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    92 i AM A FAN OF IT Someone told me they don't do to well in the humid climate though. But this was also long term exposure. And old troopy.

    I am thinking ARI but most likely am wrong.

    ANY way of the two my vote goes for the 92. I loved the bereta model in iraq and def want one.

    good luck. you might get an ulser if you think on it to long. LOL
  4. haven't shot either, both get the evil black seal of approval though. Good luck in your decision!
  5. I like either of them. My son has the PT92 and loves it.

    The firestorm is more compact and easier to carry though.
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    Sounds like some thing I would say LOL I don't remember saying it. I do remember taking about the BF92 cracking some slides.


    I do not know how many rounds you plan on practicing with per month. If it is you like 500 or more I would lean toward the Taurus in that case. But if you can save the bucks and gt an XD
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    I do know I heard it in the chat room. ;)
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    oh man i love the 92 you gotta get that.

    thats a good price also if you can get the stainless for 20-30 bucks more go for it.. but other wise 330 for a new 92 is nice indeed.

    you will not be disappointed with it, accurate and reliable.. and as i've said many times.. you can't trick that gun.. it'll fire even when you try to make it not.

    i simply can't say enough about the 92 design.
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    I have a pt92 and love it. Taurus has the same lifetime warranty that hp does so you can't go wrong.
  10. Thay,

    I was the one who hated the M9 while on deployments to Central and South America during the last 80's early 90's. They were terrible in the hot/humid jungle environments, we eventually were issued 1911's because they were more reliable in that environment.

    For a civilian pistol the 92's are great. Most civilians wont be hugging mud, crossing marshes, swamps and rivers so the 92's will be right at home in the squeaky clean environment of the shooting range, home and vehicle.
  11. Ok for the sake of my now developing ulcer....Is a XD9 Evil Black for $490 OTD reasonable....also found a XD45 Evil BLack (4"service) for $425 pre reasoning for wanting a 9mm is so that I can make more frequent trips to the range and keep the costs down, I know a .22 would be the best but I want to keep my calibers at .380 or above in the pistol expensive are .45's to shoot...and I have heard so much on the sigmas that I've become skeptical... :shock: I know, I sound like a gun snob....although I had to brag about my HP to the dealer and he said it was the most reliable boat anchor he'd sold....he said that of all the guns from Glocks to Kimbers to HKs to Taurus, he'd never had a single HP come back..."they don't quit"
    Whats the good word!!!
  12. And I have been know to express my distaste for the M-9. For the same reasons as Rimfire, but instead of the humid jungles, I learned from the arid sands of iraq. Plus I don't believe the 9mm belongs in a war. Sure it's fine for gaurd duty state side, but in a war, no sir ree. They are good guns though and make superb home/personal defense pistols.
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    yes the price is good out the door for the XD.

    AND I see I confused ARI With Rim. But like I said I wasn't sure and was most likely wrong. Sorry guys.

    Now to taurus, I loved the 92 in Iraq. Not one single hiccup and trust me out of all the evil guns that 9mm instilled more fear into the enimy than any other.

    I was told this was do to the fact that SODANGINSANE would use it to kill a lot of people.

    And it was an easy weapon to use for an emidiate return fire weapon while I did my thing.

    Fire it into the dirt. The BG does not know if you are aiming or what but the bang still put there heads down giving enogh time to get the rifle and move for fire supperiority.

    Also, That little 92 was very accurate even with the barrel rattleing around as it was much older than I, And well used threw it's many years of service.

    I think it would easliy pass a glock test. Well at least a round count maybe not the exterme abuse and neglect. But then the average joe will not put there fire arm threw that stress.

    XD is a must in my book.

    92 is a second for nastalgia and well a dang fine peice to accomidate any collection.

    I will add That I did take very good care of the 92 I used and also had the pic of the litter, Also had the internals gone over by a 45B Small arms repairer.

    So with the care and help from the 45B I had a nice shooter.

    Great feel in the hand Stupid simple to use and accuracy hard to beat from anything with the amount of apparent use. And most likely Private Murphy abuse.

    But as stated I had it in warm dry conditions. with Graphite dry lube.

    Never had to use more than one mag except for the range.
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    "Firestorm is not a knock-off of Bersa, It's a specialty of Bersa."

    (The owner of the gun shop got a little flustered when i referred to my Firestorm as a "spin-off of Bersa" and that's what he said)
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    I have two Taurus 92 AFC. The first was stolen while I was away for a month. Kid threw it into the river! It was recovered my trusty 92 was now a rusty Taurus 92. I sent it back to the factory and it was replaced FREE OF CHARGE. Thats a lifetime gaurantee.I bought my second Taurus 92 directly after that.
    I have never had a Failure to feed in 18 years. Had one misfire but that was bargain ammo, not the guns fault.
  16. Mine was crap, always needed cleaning. Plus still a 9mm...
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    Ive never owned a 92 model but ive worked on them for people and shot them plenty. In a clean, civilian enviroment they are a fine weapon, but get them around any kind of mud, dust, dirt water, humidity or sand and you're screwed. Most of them i worked on were from feeding issues and FTE's. usually cleaning them squeaky clean cured it. They dont work for a beat around gun, you have to take care of them.

    ive never messed with XDs hardly at all. Ive handled a few in shops and had people call me with rust cleanups (early models).

  18. Thayldt21

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    You will not be upset with an XD.

    And they will not rust no matter how hard it is raining( Melonite finished models)

    They will not rust if your wife knocks it off the shooting table into a puddle of water/ Small puddle but if it were your NEW gun you would blow up like it was the atlantic.

    It will not have any problems if this is it's first shooting trip and you did not clean or lube it.

    You will not be upset even if you buy it and have a baby and rarely get to shoot it, You also will not be disapoointed when you look at it with a loaded mag and know the earliest you will shoot it again is April cause your wife is in Iraq.

    It is that nice of a shooter and tougher than the gravel in the mud puddle.

    It was barely raining and it fell on the ground. But the ground wasn't DRY.