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  1. Ok since things are getting rather unpleasent around my area I had to pay off my 9mm XD sub even though I'm getting rocked on taxes and can't really afford it.

    So here are the questions:
    1) car carry: can any one reccomend a good way to carry in the car? I want easy access to it. I've even been trying to figure a way to mount the factory holster under the dash.

    2)I live in Minnesota and spend a good amount of the year in heavy coats is there a good way to move it up to the breast pocket?

    3) I work in a machine shop and mostly wear sweat type pants. any way to carry w/o my pants falling down?
  2. Hi there, my two cents.

    1) I car carry in my holster - I figure I'll notice something in the car before it happens and I can scram, or get to the piece. If I'm totally surprised, reaching under the dash won't help too much. I could be talked into another approach, but that's my current one.

    2) There are CCW vests you could wear under your coat that would do that - or alter your coat based on those designs - OR, you can buy heavy CCW coats. These options are all out there.

    3) Have you seen Thunderwear or similar? This might just be the ticket for you. Smart Carry is another option.

    Good luck!

  3. I havent found a good place to hide it in my car so I just tuck it under my left leg.... cant get any faster access than that. By the way, my carry is not a high point. When I get to where I'm going, I tuck it under the seat or take it with me.

    For wearing sweats or similar, try a belly holster:
  4. First off I suggest you check your state laws concerning what is a legal car carry and what is not.

    In my state, South Carolina, legal car carry is in the glove box or latched console with/without a CWP (concealer weapons permit), otherwise it has to be in the trunk or rear area of the vehicle if you do not have a trunk. If you have a CWP the gun has to be on your person, in the glove box or latched console. A handgun in any other part of the vehicle, under the seat, leg, between seat/console is considered illegal carry even if you have a CWP.

    Be smart, check your state/local laws and abide by them. This not only helps you but also helps other firearm owners too.
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    I agree, make sure you're up to date on your state laws in regards to carrying in your vehicle. In my state the weapon must be visible (if without a conc. permit) and must be placed on your dashboard (unloaded) in plain view.

    Also keep in mind that even if you have a conc. permit, the laws in your state may be different in how they pertain to your private vehicle. Conc. carry laws typically apply to "self", and may differ once you enter your vehicle.

    Some states do not require you to even notify an LEO if you have a conc weapon on your body (with permit of course) if you're stopped for a traffice violation. Obviously when asked if a weapon is in the vehicle you notify the LEO that you are armed..., but have a permit.

    Just make sure you understand the laws for your state regarding private vehicles so that you don't run into any problems. Always best to avoid them :)
  6. I keep mine in my person most of the time, and if I'm going in somewhere I can't take it inside, I put it in the glove compartment.
  7. I seen these special make seat holsters where the holster is on the left side right against the seat
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