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  1. hey guys, I have a couple of questions. yea I know I aint the brightest bulb in the pack. but first I just today got a C-9 comp ( been trying for almost two years) there just arent any around here for sale. but my son found a used one and got it for $100 bucks.
    now my quetions are #1. it has the silver polimer frame, when did they use that? and secondly it has a hi point lazer sight on it but it is broken. does hi point warrenty it?
    yea I know they dont make it but was just wondering if it was thiers did they fix it like the guns.
    it isnt important to me just wondering. I dont even like them myself.
    the gun is in great shape, but I might send it in just to be sure.
    thanks guys for any info you can give me. oh and pictures as soon as I can get batteries for the camera.
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    From what I understand only the .380 had the silver frame. I could be wrong and it might be an older 9mm.

    Not sure on the laser issue, if HP didn't manufacture it than I am sure they aren't going to warranty it.

    Send it in for a check up, better safe than sorry.....or dead.

  3. do you happen to have a pic to post?
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    I will have to chime in on the frame: I belive the .380s only had that silver streak on it. That is not saying, that someone decided to spruce it up a bit. As far as the Laser: call Hi-Point and ask.
  5. I would definitely call Hi-Point & talk to one of the Techs there.
    Give them the serial # & they can tell you everything about the gun.
    I've been looking for a C9 Comp myself & can't find one.
    As far as I know, the .380's are the only ones with the silver frame.
    Who knows, maybe you've got yourself a Special Edition Model!
    The other possibility is that somebody swapped out the slides on another C9.

    Best to be safe when buying any used gun & have them check it out.

    Even if they won't warranty the Laser they may be able to tell you what's wrong with it & how/ where to get it fixed.
  6. Maybe someone took a .380 frame and put a C9 comp upper on it? If that is physically possible?

    Since its used, there may be that possiblility I guess
  7. Ship it back, let them deal with it. Safest thing to do :).