Need some help w/ my JHP please

Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by Scoleman, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Scoleman

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    New Hi Point JHP owner.

    I have put around 250 rounds down the pipe with no problems whatsoever, I really like the platform. Yesterday I decided it was time to tear it down and give it a really good cleaning. First I pulled up a bunch of "how to" videos and watched them front to back several times to make sure I had the process understood.

    Tore it down and cleaned it top to bottom and put it back together without hardly any trouble.......or so I thought.

    The action works fine as long as there is NOT a clip in. Once I put the clip in the action will only go back half as far as it should and it will not load a shell at all. I have gone back over the schematic and I sure as heck thought I had everything put back where it went and turned the correct way but obviously I have done something wrong.

    If anyone has any thoughts I sure would appreciate any help you might be able to give me. Thanks so much.
  2. Bamaboy

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    I could write a page of what it could be, just take a few pics and double check your doll head on the slide.

    So yeah just some pics would help.

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    If it did it without a mag I'd say the sear is in backwards. As it is? Wonder if the mag safety is interfering with it.
  4. I'm wondering how far it was torn down for cleaning. If the right grip was not removed, I don't think the mag safety would be at issue, but I would still check it as the linkage around it might have gotten tweaked as well. Might even still be the sear, might be misaligned just enough to cause a binding issue with a mag in.

    Also check the safety lever, and where it goes under the sear to prevent the pistol from being fired. If the safety was put on while the pistol was apart, it may have jogger the bar on the sear, causing an alignment issue. I have had similar issues with some of my newer Jennings and Jimenez pistols. Check the linkages and sear.

    Can't come up with more without pics.