Need Some Holster Advice From My Friends.

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    Hello Friends.
    I have been looking at shoulder holster rigs because I would like to carry My P83 9x18 3 1/2" barrel under My Jacket this winter. I don't have any experience carrying in a shoulder holster so I thought maybe My Friends in the Community could give Me some help in choosing a comfortable shoulder holster rig that fits correctly. I guess My stats would be helpful, I am 6'4" 270lbs with broad shoulders. If anyone can advise Me on a rig that would be a good holster fit as well as good body fit Your input would be greatly helpful & appreciated.
    Thank You All & Happy & Safe Shooting. :D
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    My best advice would go to a leather crafters and be fitted. I find that "one size fits all" rarely applies to broad shouldered thick chested people.

    I would recommend MTR Custom Leather. He is located in North Carolina and does good work.

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    I'm kinda dubious about them, but they make shoulder carry shirts you might try. They have them at Wal-Mart in my AO. Bring an (unloaded) gun and try it out in the fitting rooms! You may want to modify the rig by sewing in around the pattern of your gun.
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    I have a one size fits all, and you're dead right..... It ain't very comfortable.
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    Well, that's because you're.......Bull......:D
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    Leather is not necessarily better but it often is. There are several different kinds of adjustable and all of them have pros and cons.

    The hardest part about shoulder holsters is not choosing horizontal or vertical hang. For someone of your build and with the gun you're wanting to use, a horizontal hang will probably hide best, but be careful not to cinch it up too tight under the armpit; it'll chafe. The hardest part is getting something that is comfortable to wear. The shape of and quality of the shoulder blade pad(s) is important. If it has two pads and connects over to both sides of the belt, where the backstrap is is also critical to comfort. Higher straps ride the back of the neck and become uncomfortable quick. Ones that connect at the shoulder blades are more comfortable but make the job fitting the rig on to your shoulders more exacting. However, too much bulk on the pads and straps make it less concealable.

    The P83 will sometimes fit Makarov PM holsters if they're a bit loose to start with.

    I have 3 or 4 shoulder holsters. The most comfortable was semi-custom made by a small holster company specifically for my CZ52 (they specialize in CZ holsters; named "Falcone" or something, ims). The least comfortable ones are surplus military/LEO shoulder holsters for the P64 and the PA-63. They work pretty well but the retention system is anything but "quick release" and the straps are thin and cut into the body after a while.

    I used to carry my "hi cap" Makarov (IJ70 18-AH) in an Uncle Mikes fabric shoulder holster which was reasonably comfortable. It would probably fit the P83 but I've never tried mine in it. Heck, it's in a drawer now. Haven't used it in years. The only reason I keep is is that I tell myself I might someday want to shoulder carry my hi cap Mak again or maybe the CZ82.

    I am far less of a fan of shoulder holsters than I thought I would be when I began thinking about CC all those years ago.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Or these:

    (surplus CZ holsters)

    Peace favor your sword,

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