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    Going to J&G Sales soon to buy guns and ammo. They have 7.62X25 Tokarev FMJ and Romanian FMJ for the CZ52 I am going to buy. Are these any good? How do they shoot?

    Thanks, Dwayne
  2. Get the Romy 7.62x25. Newer and good quality.

    The bulgy is good stuff BUT you got to watch out for 52 headstamps. They were overcharged and have been known to blow cz52s.

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    I have been to J&G many times and have bought a lot of stuff there.
    I got my CZ_82 from them. They have a 30 day return policy, that I have never had to use.

    There are reviews from customers on their website that say the Rommy ammo may have a problem and others say that the Bulg is HOT. All agree that the S&B is pretty much flawless.

    Have fun & don't for get this:
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    I too have heard the same thing. Just wondering, have you used this stuff and had an issue with it? J&G sell a lot of it and here is what they post on their website:

    NOTE BY J&G: There are some internet rumors that claim certain headstamps are dangerous, but we have never had any complaints over the years, and they appear to be just unfounded internet rumors.
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    I have not had any problems with the S&B in the last few boxes.... look for them!
  6. I have shot about 400 rounds of 7.62x25 Bulgy with zero problems. Mine are all 53 headstamps.

    Honestly, I'm not sure if the problematic stuff is overcharged or not or if its just a urban legend but since the Romy stuff is there, I would go for that.
  7. I don't no about that particular ammo but I have bought ammo fromk them. I got it sent to me promptly and it appeared to be a good price. okay ammo.
  8. unclerob

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    I have a friend that shoots the Bulgy also. No problems, but his little CZ-52 is a FLAMETHROWER!!