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  1. Real simple. Step father wants this mini14 I found for him, but is being a pain in the ass. He wants a mini-14 rancher or ranch rifle (whatever it's called). I found him a regular one at a good price. Well he's dead set on getting a mini14 ranch model but doesn't know the difference. Other then the Ranch coming with scope rings, are there any other differences like barrel length?
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    As far as I know.. there is absolutely no difference.

    From Wikipedia:
    "Since 2005, all models are marketed under the name Ranch Rifle."

    I DO know that the newest version has a harmonic thingermackdooby (that's the technical term) at the end of the muzzle to help dial in shot groupings. It's threaded & adjustable & can tighten groupings by altering the harmonic vibrations in the barrel.
    At least that's what the guy who was trying to sell it to me said :) PRetty cool if true, but I doubt it has toooo noticeable an effect.

  3. Hmm...can anyone verify this, give any info, anything? I was told by someone else that the ranch version came with scope rings...
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    some ranch rifles came with intergral scope ring bases (i had one) that were marketed under the name 'ranch rifle" to get around the AWB. they are the xact same rifle.

  5. Ok, looks good. Tried to get him to buy the one that was for sale here, I think it was yours pills, but he insisted on a stainless, which I finally found for him. Now he's in the "i gotta think about it" stage, even though I know, and he knows, he is going to get it.
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    I can't say anything about that. I do it all the time myself - usually it only lasts a few hours or maybe a night & then I am right there buying it. :)
  7. been a couple days now... he always folds and buys
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    with ruger making 20 and 30 rd mags available to JQP I say it is a good time to buy before Nov.
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    'perfect union' is an excellent forum for Ruger info.

    I advise sticking with Ruger 20rd factory mags. I've not had much luck with the 30 rd. Not one of them would empty completely. The factory 20's are more expensive (get them from Cheaper than Dirt) but have performed flawlessly. And yes, get all the high cap mags you can before years end. 2009 could be a very bad year for gun owners...
  10. Going to pick it up next week sometime. Can't wait, gonna hafta push some rounds through it.
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    Let us know how it shoots!
    Does it have that harmonic thingermackdooby on it? :D