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  1. mr_flintstone

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    I'm going to buy a new .380 mouse gun in a few days for pocket carry. I looked at the mini 9mms, and decided they were too large to fit comfortably in my pocket. I've decided against the larger .380s as well (like the Beretta Cheetah, Bersa Thunder, PPK, etc...

    I've got it narrowed down to a Kel Tec P3AT, Ruger LCP, or Taurus TCP (new model with improved feed ramp). I'd like to hear from anyone who owns/owned any or all of these. What's good, what's bad? I don't live near a range where I can rent one, so I'm relying on handling in the gun store and your recommendations.
  2. MaryB

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    PK-380, that is my pocket gun

  3. Kiln

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    Way to not read the post past the first two sentences. :p

    He specifically said he wasn't interested in larger guns and had reached a crossroads between three pistols. I guess we're all guilty of it now and again though.

    Between the three, I'd go with the TCP for a few reasons:

    1. It is the cheapest of the three. The Ruger sometimes runs over $100 more and while the Kel Tec is only usually a few dollars higher, the TCP can be found as low as $200 new. The lowest I see the P3AT locally is around $240.

    2. Probably the biggest positive feature for many people is that there is a last round hold open on the TCP, which is uncommon on these micro pocket guns.

    3. The finish is good. It is better than the LCP's finish in my opinion and definitely leagues above Kel Tec's bluing which practically wipes off. Some of Kel Tec's finish options are better but they usually demand a higher price.

    4. The trigger is far better than either of the other two. Everyone that fires the TCP is surprised. It has a better double action trigger than any double action pistol I've fired. It is much smoother than both the LCP and P3AT.
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  4. MachoMelvin

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    IF $$$ is NO object?

    My pick:
    I have shot the Ruger LCP-380, great gun! (Lifetime transferrable warranty)

    IF $$$ is a factor:
    I would pick the KelTec
  5. Kiln

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    Actually Ruger has NO warranty, transferrable or otherwise. Unless something has changed, my last Ruger came with a sheet of paper saying that while they stand behind their products, they make no claims to any actual warranty and guns will be fixed at their discretion.

    Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of satisfied Ruger customers but if the customer service rep you get is in a bad mood, who is to say your problem won't cost you money?

    Taurus is the only company of the options listed that has an official warranty on second-third hand guns.
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  6. Splatter

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    own all three

    I like each one equally and don't have a favorite, but I do carry the Kel-tec due to the fact that I have had at least 10 years and it has always gone bang.:)
  7. Johnny_B_Goode

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    I would look at a Kahr CT380. The Kahr is a little larger than the guns you have selected. But it has an 8 round capacity and a 5lb trigger. It weighs 11oz. The sights are usable. The CT380 runs around $300 but it is step above any of the guns you mentioned in quality. I sold a Kel Tec P3AT for the Kahr. I can not recommend any Kel Tec product to anyone. The 380 vacationed in FL for 5 months before I took possession of it. I have a P11 that I bought real cheap. It was sheer luck that Wolff recoil and magazine springs fixed the gun. When I bought the Wolff springs I was just throwing money at the gun hoping to fix it. The guy that sold the P11 to me had sent it to FL before he ditched it.
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  8. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I'm with Kiln. I own the P3AT, but if I bought the gun today, the Taurus seems to offer more bang for the buck.
  9. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    I have the LCP and the TCP. I like the TCP over the LCP.
    1, TCP has a better trigger.
    2, TCP has last shot hold open.
    3, TCP is more comfortable to shoot

    No experience with the P3AT.
  10. beaglenc

    beaglenc Member

    2nd the Kahr. Not on the list but I like it best of the minny mouses.
    Of your 3. TCP
  11. harcdaddy

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    I have the TCP and this has been a great gun for a great price and conceals very well! I added a Crimson Trace which although expensive, is very accurate! I also added the Pearce extension for a better grip.

    I also have the Taurus pt709 Slim and I choose my 380 over it every time to carry because of ease. That's the biggest thing, if you're going to carry...make sure you have a gun that you will actually want to carry each and every time.

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  12. lklawson

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    I'm a huge Kel Tec fan, but truthfully, the Taurus TCP has a better grip and is a much more comfortably shooting gun than either the P3AT or the ruger copy of the P3AT. Though the P3AT has a slight advantage over the TCP in terms of size; it is a tad thinner. You won't be able to tell the difference when it's in your pocket.

    Any possibility of borrowing or renting the P3AT and the TCP to shoot them side by side?

    Peace favor your sword,
  13. mr_flintstone

    mr_flintstone Supporting Member

    Thanks guys for the info. The main reason I settled on these three guns is because my local gun shop has all three in stock. After reading about these three, I had pretty much made up my mind on the Taurus, but your reviews have pretty much sealed it. I like the Kahr too, but I'm an impatient man, and with Christmas coming up, it may be after the new year before I could order one and have it delivered.
  14. Grant

    Grant Member

    Of the 3 the TCP gives you the most for the money. If size is an issue, the Keltec is smaller and still a great gun. The Ruger is too expensive to be in this class and gives you no added benefit you don't get with the other 2 for that money.
    TCPs have been on sale for $199 if you look around a bit.

    A second mag can be a BIG chore to locate on the TCP.
  15. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    Yes, they can be a bit hard to come by sometimes.

    And the base plate is funny too, way oversized, like a platter or a flat-head nail. So it makes finding a belt holster for your spare mag a bit more challenging. But find one I did and it works spiffy.

    Size "small."


    Peace favor your sword,
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  16. SWAGA

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    Remora makes good mag holsters too.
  17. I've own a P3AT and a S&W Bodyguard without the laser. The reason I got the S&W was for the last round hold open (can't buy a Taurus here in mAssachokeus) so I'd lean towards the TCP. BTW reading the replies it looks like a lot of people favor the TCP.
  18. mr_flintstone

    mr_flintstone Supporting Member

    Well, I stopped by the LGS on the way home from work and picked up the TCP, (series E), a spare magazine, and a box of Estate .380 FMJ for $280 out the door (the gun worked out to about $225).

    When I got out of my truck i decided to try it out before it got dark. I loaded both mags and grabbed my Mc D's coffee cup for a target. On the first mag I missed every time at 25 ft. 2nd mag I hit it twice. Reloaded... 3rd & 4th mags only missed once or twice. The small grip and DAO trigger took a little getting used to. I finished the box without any failures of any type.

    Overall a nice little gun. Good trigger. Recoil was about like my CZ 75 compact 9mm (not as bad as I was expecting). It seems to be at least as accurate as my aim, I like the last round hold open and slide release. I'm well pleased.
  19. bluharley

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    Why is that?
  20. This nanny state has a list of "compliant" handguns. The list is very limited. To get a handgun approved the manufacturer has to submit a batch for some sort of b.s. "safety testing" on their dime. Most just don't bother since mAss is a very small market and the manufacturers can't justify the cost. Anyway Taurus hasn't submitted any handguns so they are on the unwritten "naughty list".