need to get out and shoot more

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  1. I have got to get to the range :oops: I hate to say how long it has been. but I havent been in over three years. I have gone shooting a couple of times, but it is hard to find a place to go when you are in a wheel chair. and I have six guns that I have never shot. a 380, a 9 mm a 40 and a 45and a 9 mm carbine, all hi point. and a 50 cal muzzle loader and a 12 gage shotgunover a hundred years old and a H&R38 short.
    I may have found me a place to shoot as soon as it gets a little warmer. but the only indoor range around here is hard for me to get into, my son took me once and it was a nightmare. they had to take the door off its hinges to get me in. oh they were nice about it but cant see going through that everytime I want to shoot. but I think I have a place now outdoors where I can get around.
  2. Well good luck with getting to the range. That sucks that it has to be such a hassle to go.

    I do hope that you find a place that you can shoot on a regular basis!

    Shoot well bro.

  3. my friend, you need to shoot! Here's hoping you get there soon, and you MUST take some pics and let us know how you do.
  4. my neighbor got a hold of a smaller wheelchair that was more "door friendly" shall we say...(at least that is what he told me). it may be worth a shot to look into it. good luck with your next range trip!
  5. dont let it discourage you, it is always worth it to go shooting, even if you dont hit a darn thing :)
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    Are you not allowed to find Say a rock corry or somthing outside city limits in TX and just shoot away.

    I am asking. As I don't know but it is not allowed to do so here in KansA$$

    but it is allowed in say Oregon.

    I would think TX would allow such a thing. I'd check it out If i were you.

    On another note Good luck and don't give up.
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    I can myself find more range time required, just to keep in practice. Good luck on the search bro!
  8. No, most land in Texas is privately held, thus making it unavailable for shooting purposes.