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  1. septimius

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    ok... Just got a 200 bonus on payday WOOT!

    I want a new 12 guage shotgun...

    Any suggestions?

  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    for 200$ youre basically limited to the used market for pumps or autos. Remy 870 or mossy 500 are the best bang for your buck. For a single shot a NEF or Rossi are both excellent. Shop around the pawn brokers and you can usually score a decent scattergun for under two bills.


  3. septimius

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    yeah... just lookin around on the net it seems i need to be willin to spend a bit more than 200 lol... but thats ok... it can wait... im thinkin to spend some of it on some ammo! gootta have that.. shot the rest of it away couple days ago at the
  4. the mossy 500 kicks arse, and for a little over 200 you get both a smooth bore and a rifled slug barrel, had mine 2.5 years now and love it. I never plan on parting with it.
  5. I have never seen the Remington shotgun, but I will say that the Mossberg is a good shotgun, and will last a long time, and has lots of aftermarket parts for it.

    I have had 2 Mossberg 500's, and both were great weapons.
  6. shelbyzman

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    The mossberg maverick security 88 is less than $200. It is really similar to the 500. I have one and would recommend it.
  7. Strangerous

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    (_DELETE_) double post
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    The Maverick "Model 88" is also that way in relation with Mossberg...

    ...The Maverick model 88 and a Mossberg 500...
    It's basically the same shotty, but there's 3 very distinct differences when you look hard enough.
    1.) The Maverick has the synthetic stock (or pistol grip) standard instead of the wood stock. The wood stock is the first thing that then gets switched on the 500's... and they go to synthetic.
    2.) The Maverick's safety is on the trigger guard and the 500's is on the behind the action. A lot of people try to say that the safety's location isn't good, but they omit the fact that the Remington safety is identical to the Maverick.
    3.) The Maverick has a one piece synthetic forearm grip, It's not a slide action tube like the 500 has. The foregrip is normally the 2nd item that gets swapped out on the 500. They usually go with synthetic here, too.
    There's not any more differences than #1,#2, and #3... It isn't "lower quality" , there's no different finishes, it's not made from foreign parts. or made in Mexico. They're made from the same parts by the same workers on the same production lines, in the same American factory, but the stamping on the reciever is what it all boils down to. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar.
  9. septimius

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    well.. went window shopping at the one and only sporting goods store here in town... no mossbergs 500 in the store but they were willing to order one for me for 299... but I looked around some more and it looks like I may settle on this:

    and a larger pic to go with that:

    12 guage... used for 219 out the door... it doesnt look used or hardly fired... there seems to be a tiny scuff (you have to look for it) on the stock but it was displayed right next to a brand new one and there really wasnt a difference except for the price.. 299 for the new and again, 219 for the used.

    so, I may go back this afternoon with 300 in my pocket.. for the shotgun, a bigger case so it can sleep with its little brother the 20 guage, and some ammo...

    watcha all think?
  10. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    My .02 Id jump on it if I hadnt had my 8 shot 500.
  11. Get a used Ithaca M37. It is built like a tank, milled from solid steel, not aluminum. Mine is a sweet swingin' 12 ga, loads better than any Mossberg or Remington I've ever picked up. But, if you want a new gun go with an H&R Pardner pump. It's a Chinese 870 clone built better than the real 870.
  12. septimius

    septimius Guest

    too bought the 1300.

    will have pics later...
  13. You will not regret buying the Remington. I have owned the Mossburg 500 and currently own a Rem 870 Express. The difference is that the Moss has an aluminum receiver and the Rems have steal. You will not notice the difference in your lifetime, but you kids or grandkids may.

    With that said, I personally like shooting the Moss over the Rem. Both are pumps, but the Moss feels smoother and more natural for me.

    I have not shot an Ithica or Benelli, but they are top notch as well.
  14. deaconwagers

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    good choice. as far as bang for the buck goes, you'll usually want one of the "big three", a remington, mossberg, or winchester. there are several copies that are of high quality as well. congrats.
  15. septimius

    septimius Guest

    oops.. meant to say I bought the winchester.. not the remmy.. lol gonna clean it and oil it today.. and maybe tomorrow or.. today... or AND today.. try it out
  16. my suggestions--

    Give your price range if you want new, WalMart has Maverick 88s for $177 right now, and Gander and a couple of others have the NEF Pardner pump for under $200.

    Definatly go the pawn shop route though-- you can many time find Remi 870s and Mossy 500 for way under $200 in awesome shape-- especially after hunting seasons-- Turkey seaon just ended here in Texas, and I have seen a rise in good shottys lately at the pawns...

    good luck!!
  17. Be careful if you buy from a pawn shop though, its usually all sales are final, and most of the pawn shops around here have a lot of weapons that were rode hard and put up wet, if you know what I mean.
  18. septimius

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    wel i did end up gettin the winchester 1300... funny thing is... only one pawn shop here in town and they had a beat up used 1300 for 250!! lol.. got mine for 219 at the sporting goods store ...

    ill have pics soon...

    again, thanks for all the input
  19. septimius

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    Here is a pic of the new shotgun, and there seems to be a bit more scuffs and whatnot on it than I thought and or saw before, but, it still is in good condition and im happy with it, (and will be hopefully after I fire it first time tomorrow lol):