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    Went to Dick's today and saw a New England Firearms Pardner Pump 12 gauge with synthetic stock for $169 (reg price).

    Does anyone have one of these shotguns?

    Good buy for home defense or am I better off getting a Maverick, Mossberg 500, Rem. 870 or other?

    The reviews I've read online seem to be like Hipoint reviews, people who own them don't have complaints but others seem to think they are cheap pieces of s***. Where have I head that before? ; )

    Any help would be greatly appreciated since this will be my first scattergun purchase.
  2. For that kind of money you can get a Mossberg Maverick 88 NIB. Not saying anything about NEF, but Mossy is a damn fine scatter gun with a load of mod options. Just a thought.

  3. From what I understand the NEF is a Chinese made copy of a Reminton 870. The people who have them seem to like them.
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    I have one and I like it so far. I put a 6 pos. AR style stock on it and replaced the front bead with a fiber optic. I only have about 25 rounds through it but it shoots just fine.
  5. I've had mine for 2 years now,It's my HD weapon!
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    never owned the pump, but i've shot one of my buddies. its ok, but you can probably pick up a used mossy for around the same price or less, and do almost anything to it.
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    Thanks for the info guys. The pardner pump and maverick 88 are almost exactly the same price. I didn't know which was the better option. The maverick can be modified with mossy parts and I think remington 870 parts fit the pardner. Just didn't know if one was better than the other. I looked at the pardner and it felt good but what do I know, never owned a shotgun. Probably leaning towards the maverick, since its made in the usa by mossberg.
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    I totally read that as

    and I did a real quick double take. lol.
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  10. my father in law has one i like it shoots well and internals are almost exact match of an 870. i have seen them go on sale at gander mountain for 125$ i would like to get in 20gauge