Negligent Discharge with a RIA .45acp

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    Images are slightly graphic but very educational

    This in not me!!!!

    I found this while surfing one of my survival and preparedness related web site's and forums. I felt this would be a good refresher in firearms safety because it only takes one little brain fart to end up like this guy did or worse.

    For those of you who say something like this would never happen to you all I have to say is please dont stand close to me when you have a firearm in your possession. I had an AD many years ago with a Winchester 30-30, taught me a valuable lesson, and thankfully no one was injured as a result of my brain fart.

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    First off wow.

    Second OUCH.

    Now that thats out of the way. This guy has done a great job in the wake of the after math.

    He has taken responsebility, and has put his efforts to inform and maybe try and let others learn from his mistake.

    From the untrained eye or uninformed it may not look as bad as it is in reality.

    The .45 cal penetrated not only once but twice. And left its wound channel.

    As the days progress the pain will increase as it heals and nerves begin to fire again.

    I am glad that he is not in worse condition than he is in at the present. But as he says nothing is going to make this experiance woth it, weather he saves one AD or 10,000 AD's.

    But does want to try and help the best he can.

    and as for the daily updates GOOD ON HIM.

    And I hope he does keep his spirits up as moral does affect the bodies ability to heal.

    Terrible incedent but another joilting eye opener for the complacent.

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    gahahh... ow..
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    Wow, thats awful.

    I sent the guy an email thanking him for posting all that.

    He is very lucky the bullet didn't spread much...
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    that's one lucky dude. I like the idea of the webpage...I think this is a good one to spread the news about.
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    that guy was really lucky not to hit the main artery in the thigh and pass out as soon as he stood up.

    Im always careful w/ my weapons and use the OCD method of checking everything atleast 3 times. I look like an idiot opening the bolt over and over and over but im an idiot w/ no extra holes.

    I tried snap caps but can stand pulling the trigger inside my house.
    If i do pull the trigger for what ever reason its always pointed towards the direction of empty land (no houses).
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    Heard that Z but on the XD you have to pull the bang switch to take it down. And yea I'm right there with you looking like uber moron rackin that thing around.
  8. i always thought my ruger p97 was the easiest gun to take apart...
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  10. That could happen to any of us, we are playing with deadly weapons, not Super Nintendo game systems.

    I am glad to see that he survived it and is man enough to spread the word and maybe help someone else keep from making his mistake.
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    i did'nt read the article but the pictures scream OMFG OUCH!
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    I am happy I hit a wall and not my self or worse my wife...still to this day I don't kno what exactly happened, all I know is that the weapon went off and shot up at a 30° angle up into the wall from my bed where I was cycling my weapon (my fault, I do stupid things when I can't go to the range but want to test the weapon of it's cycling of rounds).

    the only injury I substained was to my ear drums, the stupidest mistake in my firearm owning's now almost 2 years ago...but I still beat my self up for that could've been my wife...

    All I remember is me releasing the slide and BOOM!, I must have pulled the trigger to dry fire it and a round was somehow still in the chamber...well i'm OCD now, I do the 3 time method as well...I became a safer gun user and learned a valuable lesson...