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  1. Hey guys hope this is ok to post here but here it goes.My new neighbors are complete a** holes ever since I moved into my new house they keep parking on my property. I live on a busy street and most people have driveways, anyway my parking lot used to be the front yard but the grass wouldn't grow so my landlord put gravel down as a parking lot is big enough for 2 cars(mine and mothers) So first my mother asked them to stop parking in front of my house and I guess they blew her off. Then I got a big official looking sign that says "No Parking Authorized vehicles only or you will be towed at owners expense". So today I pull up in front of my house and then the neighbors friend pulls up right next to me. Now I didn't say anything because I was so mad I wanted to hit her but you NEVER put your hands on a women so when she pulled out I parked my car blocking my whole lot. then I get a ring at the door and its the neighbor asking if I parked my car so no one could pull in and I said yes then she goes off and says that he friend was just dropping her off and that she has lived here a long time and that dont be a bad neighbor thats not how a neighbor should act you shouldn't be doing that and don't do and to tell my mother the same thing. Now my self I took this as a threat and wanted to get into it with this lady but I don't want to jeporidze my chances of becoming a police officer and because she had little kids with her. So tomorrow im going to see the police to see what I can do legally. But my question is, is there anything else I can do legally to this woman because Im at my whits end with them. Sorry for such a long post :?:
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    Contact your landlord. He/she I'm assuming has the legal right (because it's his/hers property) to say who can park there. Explain your situation and hopefully your landlord will talk to your neighbors. I'm thinking the landloard should put up some kind of fence to seperate properties although I'm not sure how your parking lot is planned out.

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    If its your private property and not public property, then they would be trespassing. You could call the police and have the car towed at owners expense like some business will do when people park illegally in their lots.
  4. Sorry I should have noted that there is a fence on both my neighbors sides seperating everyone properties from the other there just isnt a fence in front of my house so we can pull into our lot but im looking into getting something there. I did talk to the landlord when we first moved in and he said to put out a no parking sign and to call the police and have them towed but I didnt want to be an a** hole but screw it im seeing the police right after work tomorrow
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    Word of caution:

    If you do decide to call the police and/or have their vehicles towed. I would put a up video camera in the window and have it run all night. The odds of the neighbors damaging your vehicles for revenge goes up dramatically after you do.
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    Be wary. You dont know what these knuckleheads (AKA neighbors) are up to. I agree, yes, they shouldnt park in front of your house. Constantly. And the lady who says you shouldnt do that to be a good neighbor, hey: That works BOTH ways.
  7. I have thought of that and have some video cameras on the way and elguapo I agree with you I hate having my home disrespected like this
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    Id let them park there then have some junker cars pull in all around them and just let them sit there all night.

    Tell them your just being a good neighbor and letin some else park there and don't know who they are. lol
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    Caltrops :shock:

    actually we have a problem w/ people using the front entrance of our office as a 'convenient' parking spot. Even though the concrete is painted as a firelane they still park there. what i did was borrow 2 traffic cones from our contractors and use them to block off the corners of the fire lane.

    EMS vehicles can just plow over the cones if need be, but the 'new' firelane has yet to be parked in.

    Cones or a white painted saw-horse w/ orange/white hazard stripes might do the trick.

    if that doesnt work, buy a beater car and park it in their lot :wink:

    or this!
  10. LOL! That's such an awesome idea :)
  11. Thats a good Idea but they dont have lot in front of there house they park behind there house in a 2 car garage
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    You wouldn't even need to park other cars there. Just park them in, and then have a friend pick you up for a guys night out... Then end up crashing at his place, and don't come home until about 4:00 in the afternoon the next day...

    "What? Oh, sorry, I didn't even realize that you were parked on my property." :lol:
  13. Explain that it's not neighborly to park in someone elses driveway when they have two vehicles and NEED both spots. Then explain how you realize that it isn't neighborly to turn them down, but you are paying for that lot and they are yours to use as needed and how un-neighborly it is to make a scene and yell about not allowing them to do something that you had been nice enough to in the past. If they resist then stall them with some antics till you become an officer then you can abuse your power :) It's best to play for as long as possible.
  14. taurus I would love to abuse my power by having SWAT there at 2am saying you do fit a discription and you have warrents. but two wrongs don't make a right but have been looking into getting those spikes that some parking lots have that warn of sever tire damage if you back out :lol:
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    Maybe you should try parking in their garage and see if they feel it is unneighborly to make you move it.
  16. Have them towed. You have the legal right, and when it starts costing them $200.00 and legal fees to get their car back, they'll learn. I would have them towed EVERY TIME they park in your yard. They'll get the picture sooner or later. Screw the idea that this is going to affect the chances of you becoming an LEO, you have the right, it's your property since you are renting the house and land.
  17. To bad land mines are against the law..... :shock: 8)
  18. LOL! Too bad out forefathers didnt have the foresight to see how the invention of landmines would deter neighbors from parking in our yard and how bouncing betties would teach them to keep their dogs off our lawns.
  19. oooh, I forgot the bouncing betties :oops: :oops:
  20. +1 You don't have to put up with that mess, and you don't have to get real upset about it either. Just let them generate some revenue for your local govt. and they'll stop. i know i don't a budget item for impound fees and i bet they don't either. They're your rights. Claim 'em.