Neo's new ride

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  2. Nice find and funny :D

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    Hehe....have the original BBC archive pic of that same scooter on my desktop!

    But, while all good for a vintage scoot....what am I going to mount on my MODERN GTS scooter? It would, of course, have to be user friendly, and auto-loading (To match the automatic nature of the new Piaggio bikes). And, of course, MUST be stylish. No unsightly mechanicals hanging out like some lewd industrial come-on. That and my 250cc puts out about 5 times the horsepower now, so weight is not much of an issue now (But we DO have to consider where to mount it since I don't want to muss up the lines of the bike, and I DO need room for the GPS satnav and the cupholder.

    Any bike mount suggestions? :p
  4. Talk about a "crotch rocket"!!!! :shock: :wink:
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    Ya you are right you be riding down the street and they see you and they will definatly think twice rofl!