Neos or .22A

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S & W .22A or Neos?

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  1. OK my stupid buddy is trying to decide between the 5.5" .22A or the 6" neos. He wants to scope it as well. They seem to be close to the same price so which one?
  2. pjm204

    pjm204 Member

    I've got a 22A. I like it, been pretty reliable so far, easy to disassembly, accurate. No complaints. plus I got it for 175 new

  3. Neos, and make sure he get the 6" one, i'm 4.5" Neos and wish i got the 6" instead.


  4. uncle jerky

    uncle jerky Well-Known Member

    I've owned the Neos and S/W. Both are very nice,accurate pistols that accept optics on their integrated rail. I'd give the edge to the Beretta. It is very smooth.
  5. jsumpter99

    jsumpter99 Guest

    While I havent fired the neos, I much prefer the feel of the 22a. Mine has been excellent after about 1k rounds, I have had very few failures. I thought about picking up a neos as well though, just because they are interesting.
  6. Well you guys aren't making his choice any easier! He was really looking forward to a firm 1 way or the other response. On the plus side it's kind of funny to watch him flip back and forth :twisted:

    I'm just going for the 6" Walther SP22. That thing looks sweet! Too bad I haven't been able to see one in person yet. Anybody been able to hold one yet?
  7. robbyred82

    robbyred82 Guest

    your buddy

    your buddy sounds cool :lol: :twisted:
  8. Re: your buddy

    No, no you're not. In fact you are kind of a doofus.

    'bout freaking time you registered here :roll:
  9. syst3merror

    syst3merror Guest

    wow, and people think that hi-points are ugly? That looks like a walmart price scanner!
  10. RandyP

    RandyP Member

    I've been shopping around for a .22 cal safe-mate for my Buckmark of late.

    The Neos and both Walthers P=22 and SP-22 were just not very 'comfy' to my shooting hand. Pistol fit is a very individual thing, so I am glad my LGS carries a huge handgun inventory.

    I haven't tried a Ruger on for size yet. If nothing else it's fun to shop.
  11. After just doing a google image search on these two, I have to admit that I like the way the S&W looks. I think it looks more like a real gun, rather than something out of Star Trek. The Neos looks alright, but the .22a looks SUWHEET!
  12. pjm204

    pjm204 Member

    I went to the range and put some real "miles" on my 22A, fired about 200 rounds in an hour or so. I have to say I like it even more now. No jams at all and my groups were very nice. It handles rapid fire nicely too. I'd say I have about 750 rounds through it now. I do wish an aftermarket company would make some real target grips for it, the stock rubber grips are okay but the stock wood ones are not what I consider a real target grip. I need to get some optics though.
  13. I just bought the Neos Sunday. Got the 6 inch barrel.
    Got a really good deal on it brand new.
    Can hardly wait to get to the range and break it in.