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  1. What up buddy I am thinking about buying my girlfriend one of those Asian inexpensive scooters. You know the ones, brand new for less than a grand. There are about a hundred manufacturers out there currently for sale. Are you hearing anything about quality on any of the particular brands. I know a lot of them are junk but there has to be a couple models that are standouts in the crowd. I would prefer one of the models that has direct interchangeable parts with one of the name brands such as Honda or Yamaha(apparently they are all direct copies). My girl only works a mile from the house so its not going to get a beating but will be used daily. Anyone else on the forum purchased one of these babies yet? Any opinions?
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    Two guys at work have the Tank brand, a couple next door also, they seem to like them. See them buzzing all over the place. Also see a number of those Suzuki Burgman, and Vespa's/Piaggio's running around town.

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    I have no idea, but here is a free bump until Neo can get a hold of this.
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    I know a drunk who worked at a company i did security at who had a Tank scooter... he wrecked it every weekend getting home from the bar, but alas the scooter died when he had to bail off of it when a suv pulled out in front of him... the thing was pretty the 1st week, but after 6 months, no mirrors or lights on it...
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    0's my take after spending nearly 15 years being an enthusiast of Vespas, Lambrettas and other Japanese scoots:


    If there isn't a brick-and-mortal dealership in at least half of the states, you will find nothing but greif. Most of those Chinese bikes under $1000 are simply crappy copies of GY6 Yamaha scooters (the "Riva" model). The plastic is injection moulded #2 junk, the metal varies in quality to passable to pot metal, the wiring is the cheapest you can get in the provences, and nearly 70% of all Chinese scooters won't even pass emissions, even if they say they're CARB certified!

    My honest opinion: Spend the extra $500 and get a Japanese bike. If you can, save the extra $1500 and get an Italian bike. The fit, finish and quality will blow the ChiCom bikes out of the water. Also, the cheap plastics and metals used on the bodies are also used on parts like brake calipers and wheel bearings! You can get a GREAT 50cc Japanese scoot like a Yamaha Zuma or Honda Metropolitan for under $2000, and many of those come with a year warranty and dealers you can find and trust. Their plastic is actually reinforced, the motors are proven, and their performance will be far better and more efficent than the Chinese copies of copies of copies.

    The Italian bikes are even better, using Steel in their body panels instead of plastic, and using water cooled, fuel injected motors instead of the cheap iron block, alloy head air cooled carb'ed glorified lawn mower engines out there.

    I have spent countless hours trying to get scooters that my friends in college and stagehands have bought running after they gave out after 1000 miles and the place they bought them from said "Eh, so what? You bought it, you fix it". These Chinese scoots are sold by the lots of 50 and sent to the "dealer" in a shipping container. Many of them are missing parts from the factory, and you will be lucky to even find ONE part that will fit the bike even if it's a clone 5 times over of some popular bike.

    Brands of scooters that are QUALITY (i.e. been in the industry over 40+ years and have been copied BY the Chinese)

    -Kymco (S. Korean bike company, bigger than Honda's scoot division in Asia. Awesome bikes, good looking, and great price. Been making scooters longer than most car companies have been in buisness)
    -Yamaha (Check out the Zuma.... SWEET bike)
    -Aprilia (more expensive than the Japanese bikes, but the fastest 50cc bikes out there. The upper "Scarabeo" line rivals BMW's in touring performance)
    -Vespa (VERY expensive, but you get what you pay for. All steel bodies, great warranties and the best and safest scoots on the market hands down. Their "Piaggio" line is a bit more modern and have plastic bodied scoots, but use the same motors and are just as bullet proof)
    -Genuine Scooter Company (Based out of Chicago. Check out their Vespa PX150 clone and their "Buddy" 50cc and 150cc models. You can get the buddy as cheap as $1650 and it's serviced by an AMERICAN company that's been in the biz since the 70's)
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    What about Stellas? Are they any good, or haven't you played with one yet? They seem to have a good sized following up here in the north, but I haven't talked to anyone thats ridden one. Thanks for sharing the expertise.
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    AndrewST Guest we now know how Neo feels. Sounds like you know a thing or two about the scooters!
  8. Hey Neo,
    I noticed there was no mention of the Suzuki scoots. I just bought a Burgman 400 (around 400 lbs) that is really more of a step through motorcycle. It works really well for me. 55mpg and comfortable at 70 mph.
    Just the small amount of experience I have with scooters, I'll second Neo's recommendations. Buy one of the name brands "used" before you buy the Chinese junk new. At least you can get parts. No to mention the safety factor.
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    Played with them?

    HELL! I've OWNED one for nearly 3 years!

    GREAT bikes, and the closes you're going to get to a PX150 without the ungodly price. The only downside is that they do require more matainance than the twist-n-go scooters, but that's part of the charm. It's sort of getting either a new corrola or an old Volkswagen Beetle: Both are efficent, small and great econo cars. One will run for ever without being touched and the other, while being just as bulletproof will need constant but minor mataianance such as more frequent oil changes, cables being replaced, etc. Can't go wrong either way, just like the Stella and the automatic scoots (That and the company is a US based custom builder and have been in the biz for over 30 years, so they know their game and are nice folks.)

    The Suzukis are also awesome bikes, but they don't really sell anything less than a 400cc here in the states, and it sounded like there was a search for a more economical/inexpensive bike. The Burgmans tend to run in the same price category as the Vespa GTS250 at around $6000 and up. GREAT touring bike, but not the most agile for city use in comparison. T
  10. You might want to black out the license plate on your bike in that picture Neo....
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    For $3 and 15 minutes i can have your name, DOB, SSN, ADDRESS, and VIN of your bike, not to mention if you're a blood donor, sex offender, cwp holder, or delienquent on your taxes... THANK YOU FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT! ...Just a thought. :lol:
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    Funny Neo, seeing as the sheeple are the ones who warranted the need for the freedom of information and patriot acts. :(
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    Well, that's a discussion for another set of boards.